Samsung has patented the smartphone is a clamshell with a zigzag screen

Samsung is one of the market leaders in flexible smartphones – patented device with a very unusual screen design. Display can bend in two places, taking a zigzag shape. How such model was presented by the Dutch authors of the site LetsGoDigital.

according to renderam created on the basis of the schematic drawings, the upper part of the display are bent inward and the bottom outward. While any part is not formed completely, and only curves that are unlikely to be practical.

the Publication said that the application was not filed by Samsung Electronics, a subsidiary of Samsung Display company engaged in the manufacture of a screen in 2018. Bureau of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) and world intellectual property organization (WIPO) has granted a patent application only after a year and a half.

not the fact that Samsung ever start to sell a device with similar form factor. However, the new patent enables trace for the experiments in this region.

While Samsung has released only two flexible smartphone: Galaxy Fold in half with a folding screen (read the review Вестей.Ru), and Galaxy Z Flip that in half-open form reminiscent of a powder compact or a tiny laptop. In the coming months, is expected to announce the 2nd generation Galaxy Fold, the flexible panel will not open like a book, and recline.

Text: To.Hi-tech