The Russian S-400 is considered to be one of the most powerful air defense systems in the world. Both of the target acquisition, as well as the range, the performance data are impressive. The S-400 is not a single missile, but a whole System that is distributed across multiple vehicles. Here, the S-400 anti-air weapons for the close range at which Radar, command unit, plus rockets starter in a vehicle is housed.

the scope of the Turkey-Deals anti-air Manpads – the dangerous micro-missiles, the decide entire wars can be bought From Gernot Kramper

Turkey has two batteries, and two more are to be assembled in Turkey. Each battery consists of the rockets starters, target acquisition radar, a long range surveillance radar and a command vehicle. Four launch tubes on a Truck. A battery can be controlled with the Radar up to twelve Start-up-Trucks.

Like all air defense systems S-400 alone, a perfect Abrieglung of an area. It is only one component in an architecture of air defense. However, a powerful block. The S-400 blocks wide Zone for aircraft and missiles. Against weapons such as Cruise Missiles, the move in low-altitude flight, the S-400 less.

Hypersonic Missiles three times the range and Mach 5 – China’s missiles depend on Western arms Of Gernot Kramper

your missiles 40N6 have a range of 400 kilometers. The effective use range, as with all these systems, even under good conditions of low.

The exact performance data of the S-400 are unknown in the West. However, it is believed and claimed by Moscow that the Radar system can detect the “invisible” Stealth Jets of the USA and into the goal. The West was, at least, previously skeptical. The purchase of S-400 by Turkey and other States is a clear indication that Russia was able to convince the buyer of it. It is now much to suggest that these abilities actually exist.

The S-400 Eastern Mediterranean sea military-espionage So captured Chinese hackers blocks data on the top-secret U.S. weapon, “Sea Dragon” By Gernot Kramper

The presence of only one Russian battery in Syria has led Western Jets dominate the air space, respectively, and inserts have become unpredictable. With four batteries of S-400, the influence of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean would rise the sea is enormous. The geostrategic position of Turkey is enhanced by the range and firepower of the system enormously. Against the wishes of Ankara, in this area no one is in the air

to be able to operate for a Long time the US refused to deliver to the allies Turkey this weapon. In the course of the Syria war, Patriot batteries and other NATO should assure countries of the territory of Turkey. Ankara has learned the lesson that the Turkey is only an ally of the second class.

With the Russian System to Turkey chooses the path of greater self-reliance and reduced dependency. The Russian systems have the full function range. Neither the missile field to be familiar with restrictions, yet you have a built-in friend-or-foe detection. The S-400 can be different than the US systems are against each opponent. In principle, you could pick up both Russian Jets, as well as the Fighter of the USA from the sky.

the Putin Deal is better than the offer from Trump’s anti-missile Iron Dome – What is Israel’s Defense against Hamas-missiles, really? Gernot Kramper

The S-400 is considered to be far more advanced than the Patriot System, it costs in about half. In addition, the Kremlin is offering a better Deal. Turkey is interested in all the weapons transfer purchases to a technology, the domestic defence industry with access to cutting-edge technology. In a first step, the batteries are mounted, but it is expected that di Turkey will begin to develop their own systems. As Ankara is already independently the Anti-ship missile Atmaca has developed and in this area not longer be at the mercy of the allies want.

Russia gets access to NATO technology

NATO a huge problem: The S-400 is not compatible with other systems in the NATO air defense. Left, loses the NATO influence on the strategically important Turkish air space. You will find ways to the S-connect 400 to the Awacs Surveillance aircraft, Russia will get a deep insight into the NATO technology. Because Russian technicians, the S-400 and update. It will not stay with the S-400. Air defense works in combination of various systems. On its own, also makes an impressive weapon as the S-400 makes little sense. Quite possible that Ankara adds to the wonder of missile defense systems for short-range, and other radar systems.

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In the case of the purchase of the Russian S-400 the Turkey, it’s about far more than a rocket. Turkey rises as a regional power, and turns away from the West. The star with the military Colonel Schulyok to spoke about the importance of the S-400 Deals.

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