Russians planning to vote online, waiting for hackers

cybersecurity Experts warn of a possible wave of fraudulent Russians seeking online information about voting on constitutional amendments and official raffle prizes for the participants. Attackers have already started to register sites with names that are easy to take for official.

a new threat from the cyberhawks writes “Kommersant” with reference to head of information security company “SearchInform” Alexey Drozd. According to him, in recent days, there have been several domains resembling the official website for online voting, was “Rostelecom” –

While these sites are hosted campaign or information about the popular vote, however, the expert warns, with the beginning of voting, everything can change. As it happened after the announcement about new payment to families with children, cheaters can’t take advantage of the high-profile information about.

the Expert believes that in the first place, cybercriminals will try with the help of sites-fakes to steal more user data – they will ask for “authorization”. Then the base with such data can be sold on hacker forums.

But there is a threat to the wallets of users. Some regions are trying to increase interest in voting, conducting Raffles. The scammers will probably create fake sites copy and found out through them the phone will be calling him in order to lure the data for debiting his credit card. Another option is phishing sites pretending to offer to verify the win, while requiring you to enter payment information.

Text: To.Hi-tech