Russian operators revealed which smartphones use subscribers

Two major Russian mobile operator shared data about the smartphones which brands predominantly use their subscribers. As it turned out, the leader of South Korea’s Samsung.

About the ranking of smartphone brands from the point of view of mobile operators reported “Vedomosti”. In MTS publication stated that 20% of active network operator SIM cards in the 1st quarter of 2020 worked in Samsung devices. In second place with 14% — Huawei-owned brand Honor. Finally, Apple closes the top three with 11.1%.

Samsung is a leader in the network of the operator with the 2014 year, said a representative of MTS, and the iPhone in 2020, the year reached a peak of popularity — so many Apple users have never been yet. Moreover, this Apple gadget has become the most popular in the ranking of individual models — 3% MTS subscribers use iPhone 7. Followed by Honor 10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy A50.

Completing the top five most popular smartphone brands, Xiaomi 11% and Nokia with 6.5%. Smartphone got at the moment, 75.1% of MTS, other SIM cards are used in push-button phones, tablets and other devices. The dynamics of the popularity of different brands since 2008, the year clearly showed in the video:

the Data of “MegaFon” paint a similar picture: Samsung the network of this operator prefer 25% of users (the figure is more than that of MTS, because it takes into account not only smartphones, but also tablets and touch-tone telephone). On cell phones Huawei Honor and accounted for 16%, Apple 13% and Xiaomi — 12% and Nokia — 9%. In the “Beeline” and Tele2 edition has not yet provided similar information.

Text: To.Hi-tech