Communist leader Fabien Roussel ruled Monday that the union of the left Nupes was “a success”, but that it had to be “strengthened” and that the four leaders of the parties of the alliance should speak to each other “without fuss and without detour”.

“The union of the left and environmentalists that we have built is positive, it is a success”, explained Fabien Roussel during a press conference.

The communist deputy, often accused of being dissonant within the Nupes, assured that “the objective today is to strengthen this union, to make it more popular, stronger and to conquer those who did not choose to vote for us”.

“How do we speak to the abstentionists, to this rural France which found itself less in this alliance” and to the electorate who voted for the far right, Fabien Roussel wondered.

“We all agree to highlight what works and to say between us what we must continue to debate and that we must overcome if we want to win,” he added, specifying that A “liaison committee” brought together the four leaders of Nupes on Monday morning.

“We need to talk to each other as much as possible, as frankly as possible,” he explained.

During this meeting, “I reiterated my wish to talk to each other without fuss and without detour, to continue to highlight everything that brings us together (…) and to succeed in going beyond what has shown the limits of our gathering. We still have a lot of things to build together”, continued Mr. Roussel.

According to him, the four parties have agreed that, during their respective summer universities, all scheduled for the last weekend of August, each will have “a workshop where the four forces will be united together”.

He also proposed a joint debate during the Fête de l’Humanité at the beginning of September.

Asked about his relationship with the rebellious leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he explained that “during the campaign I had to express myself on subjects which were debated”.

In an interview with Liberation, he specifies that “yes, I said that the sentence of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the police had struck and that I did not share it (…) We must be able to say between us what goes and does not go”.

Mr. Roussel finally specified that his party had recorded “3,068 memberships in one year”.

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