Romachev: while voice culture is equal to zero, but if it is supported, Apple is facing the

roskomnadzora in coordination with the General Prosecutor’s office announced the withdrawal of requirements to limit access to Telegram messenger, which in 2008 was blocked on the territory of Russia — although access was still possible. The Creator of the messenger of Pavel Durov on today’s decision has yet to respond. But collapsed in his Twitter on the Apple because the American company exclusively sells apps for their devices. How to write a film, “mad impose sales tax at the rate of 30 percent. The result – users pay higher prices. Startups and entire industries collapse. Regulators ignore this nonsense for 10 years!” The actor is now in the United States is in the position of outcast. If it was a real force and what can end these attacks? His opinion on air of TV channel “Russia 24” is the General Director of Agency of prospecting technologies “R-Techno” Roman romachev.

— a novel, Hello! In the Apple Durov did not answer, and probably unlikely to respond. But such a response could sound like “Look, it’s our iPhone that we want, then they and sell!”

— According to Apple policy, they sell not only the device itself, they sell a service. And, agree-disagree, but if you bought this device, accordingly, you use the service in full. I remind you that for advanced users there is the IOS jailbreak, which allows you to install apps that are not in the official store. When flashing you’ll probably lose warranty.

— 99% of people who use Apple products, no jailbreak does not install. And you can assess whether this is sales tax (in fact, it is the Commission that Apple itself takes, when you buy the app in iTunes or the Apple Store) “kills” the whole economy?

— I can’t say that killingdo or do not kill. If users buy, if the programs and permissions are in demand, respectively, and the company is growing. Yes, she loses income. If, for example, a Russian developer, you will pay the Apple tax and pay the tax in Russia. Accordingly, you have double taxation in fact it turns out. Of course, a definite minus. For local companies, Americans have their benefits – they all use for themselves, that is, it is the policy of the state within the company.

Yes, you just have to understand that this 30 percent is not a tax, it’s just a fee that the company charges app developers for the fact that they sell their apps. What do you think, how likely is the intervention of the global regulators in all this? We remember — though it was long ago, — that, for example, against Microsoft at the time was a huge anti-monopoly investigation, in the end, Microsoft made a little “dismembered” to get rid of part of the business, to let other players and so on. Here is it possible something similar with the Apple?

It is possible, but not now. That is, the actor is now in the States — a pariah, he was banned from his payment system, as you know, and so he collapsed on all the American companies — on Facebook, on Apple, on Google, on Instagram. It’s amazing! Now the voice of culture in the United States is zero! If someone in the States its lobby will support, most likely, will support it is likely some process, will be investigated and may be the division, the dismemberment and involvement, including third party, third-party stores.

— Durov after all before the Apple fell on Facebook that he allegedly spread misleading commercials with his participation. You think this is all about?

— a year ago We began to record such ads, they led to a financial pyramid. And they were so massive that it is simply not the Deputyetit them was impossible. And every time I change sites every time I change the hosting. That is, working professional fraudulent group. But unfortunately, Facebook itself did nothing.

— why do you think Facebook did nothing?

— Because they paid for advertising, and they twisted advertising. They are profitable!

Yes, interesting! When it comes to some Internet and media companies, they quickly blocked.

— Facebook not know all the Russian, Russian technology, and they are not aware of all the pyramid schemes that exist in Russia.

— Thank you, Roman, that was connected.