He has appeared in 1,300 films and slept with 4,000 women. For two decades, Rocco Siffredi was a world porn star and the object of all desires – female and male. Controversial figure, both swagger and trash, the Italian actor put the X on another planet and allowed to “popularize”, before the era of the Internet, a long hidden practice. In 2006, he was the guest of Thierry Ardisson in Tout le monde en parle – available on INA ArdiTube – and looked back on his childhood, his career, notoriety and the difficulties inherent in his professional life.

A life is often made of symbols. Rocco Siffredi was born under the sign of Taurus – it can’t be invented – and his grandfather was a breeder of breeding bulls – it still can’t be invented. “It’s a sign of fate,” he smiled. My mother, who was very pious and took me to mass, would have loved for me to become a priest. Maman Siffredi will not be listened to. Because at ten years old, already precocious, Rocco discovers masturbation, “real life”. His mother surprises him. “That was the real shame, but she didn’t yell at me. I could feel in her eyes that she was thinking: My son has grown up. »

The adolescence of the future star is complicated. The cause ? An abnormally unbridled libido. “I was introduced to a girl, I had an erection. I jumped into the water. He participates in the World Masturbation Championship. He wins hands down: eleven ejaculations in six hours. Engaged in the navy, he lets himself be carried to Denise, this Parisian swingers club where he quickly becomes the darling. Spotted by Gabriel Pontello, alias Supersex, a sort of “Robert de Niro of Italian porn”, he spots him and makes him join the shoots. Here he is in Marc Dorcel’s stable where his career as a real “sex machine” begins.

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