Have you ever imagined being a robot journalist working for a space newspaper? Well, the developers of Times and Galaxy, an exciting new indie film, offer you the chance to experience just that. In this film, you become a rookie reporter in a flying newsroom, exploring the hyperspace lanes to cover news for the eponymous news publication, or “holopaper” as they like to call it in the distant future.

Times and Galaxy is a unique blend of an adventure game and a visual novel, where you are tasked with investigating news events, uncovering stories, and interviewing numerous witnesses to craft the best story possible. What’s interesting is that the way you shape the story is entirely up to you, which can influence how it is received by the audience.

You might choose to spice up a dull story by adding clickbait or yellow journalism with exaggerated quotes and half-truths, accompanied by a sensational headline. On the other hand, you could be a top-notch journalist who uncovers the hard facts and presents the truth in your reporting.

The film takes you through some bizarre scenarios, such as covering events like “intersolar cat shows, explosive toy launches, and even space ghost funerals.” There’s also a unique event called “the Humanian Dirt Fair,” filled with puns related to “scoops” and “digging” up stories, adding a humorous touch to the narrative.

Developer Ben Gelinas, a former newspaper reporter turned game developer, shared his experience of transitioning from horror to comedy, admitting that writing comedy can be a daunting task as you await the audience’s reaction.

Times and Galaxy was created by Copychaser Games, a Canadian studio founded by Gelinas, known for their previous game, Speed Dating for Ghosts. The film is published by indie label Fellow Traveller and is available on platforms like GOG, Humble, and Steam. For more information, you can visit the Times and Galaxy page on the Fellow Traveller website.

Despite the bold decision to release the film on the same day as Elden Ring: Rise of the Erdtree, it’s definitely worth checking out for its unique storytelling and humorous take on the world of journalism and space adventures. So, if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining indie film experience, Times and Galaxy might just be the perfect choice for you.