Robot-Lenivets solar will be able to years to observe wildlife

At the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) have created a robot sloth to observe the animals, plants and their environment. SlothBot does not issue and can hang at an impromptu “branch” years of charging from sunlight.

within a few months the new development will test to the Atlanta Botanical garden. There SlothBot to move in 30-foot cable stretched between two trees. In larger ecological systems he can crawl from one rope to another, covering a much larger area.

a robot-Lenivets, protecting it from rain, printed on a 3D printer, and built-in sensors allow you to measure air temperature and carbon dioxide levels.

According to the authors of the project, slowness and high energy efficiency make SlothBot essential for continuous monitoring for months and even years. For example, in the wild, robot-Lenivets will help to monitor endangered species of animals and plants with minimal human intervention, and in agriculture will be able to notice the disease of the soil or pest infestations early farmers.

Text: To.Hi-tech