In the chamber court of Berlin to communicate to the employees of the Supreme criminal and civil court of the Federal capital these days, with Fax, paper and phone.

The E-Mail System of the chamber court was infected Emotet by the infamous malicious software, a Trojan horse, in front of the Federal office for information security (BSI) warned German companies recently.

Emotet is initially designed, the infected E-Mail systems spy. The program can then reload more malicious software such as Banking Trojans, which try digital money flows into the pockets of cyber criminals to redirect. Other malicious programs the main goal is to blackmail the victims. In the case of these Ransomware attacks, the user should be animated with rigged E-Mails to click on an infected file attachment, and thus a comprehensive encryption of all data on the computers in the network to trigger. For the password, the data can be decrypted, requested a ransom (English: “ransom”).

hardly a week goes by, in the messages about the affected institutions to make the round. Experts have now identified more than 10 000 types of encryption Trojans, including the notorious “WannaCry”, the attacked computer of Deutsche Bahn and the city of Baltimore in the US state of Maryland digital and has paralysed. “WannaCry” took advantage of a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system, the the US secret service NSA discovered and for many years for their own espionage attacks had used. The cyber-weapon of the NSA with the name “eternal blue” was 2016 in the hands of a hacker group, then attack waves rippled with the Trojans “WannaCry” and “NotPetya” across the country.

Against the computer worms that eat through the networks of the companies and organizations, it can protect you hard. This makes a example of the renowned US security expert Bruce Schneier at the conference “Cyber Security Nordic 2019” reported in Helsinki: “The actually well-hedged financial Department of a casino in Las Vegas has been hacked, because in the local network of the house is also a fish Aquarium has been found with an Internet connection.”

The System, with the feeding of the fish and the condition of the water could be controlled over the Internet, drilled in the thickness of the digital defensive wall in the decisive hole. Special search engines like can be detected externally accessible systems.

At the conference, Schneier and other experts pointed insistently to the fact that in the future no longer only a classical Computer will be the target of cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers. “Cars, medical devices, drones, thermostats, power plants, anything that has to do with “Smart Cities”. These are all the Computer.” In comparison to the traditional PC, there is an important difference: “If my table, crashing and costing, I might lose my data. But if my heart rate monitor is crashing the device or the brakes fail in my self-driving cars, I can maybe die in the process.”

The new possibilities of the fifth generation of mobile communications to 5G would make the Trend towards ubiquitous networking then it is technically possible, said Rik Ferguson, head of security research at Trend Micro. “5G is not necessarily to make Your Netflix Download faster, but mainly serves the purpose of countless Connections in the “Internet of things” to produce.”

In the case of the networked devices would always show up again in vulnerabilities. “Most of the Software was poorly written and not sure, because no one wants to pay for quality software,” stated Schneier. “There are only a few exceptions, like the Space Shuttle, maybe.” Therefore, actually constantly discovered security would have to be closed gaps. However, this process is functioning even in the case of Smartphones, more bad than good. Many of the devices in the “Internet of things” would never get a Patch.

The researchers in Helsinki made, therefore, for state-regulated conditions. “We regulate already, fire protection and electrical safety,” said Mikko Hypponen, head of Research at the Finnish security firm F-Secure. “When I buy me today a washing machine, I can be pretty sure that I can’t get a electric shock. You will also not catch fire. But you will lose Your Wi-Fi password in the blink of an eye.”

example could be the European data protection basic regulation (DSGVO), which is now also outside of the European Union as a model for data protection regulations. For many companies, it is easier in the world according to the DSGVO align, as different versions of your products and services. In terms of content, you could Orient yourself to a new law in California for cyber security. According to the “Senate Bill No. 327” delivered from next year be prohibited, networked devices that are protected only with a default Simple password such as “admin”, “password” or “123456”.

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