electric cars are considered the future of mobility. But for now, not the manufacturers, a significant market penetration to achieve. This is not only due to the high purchase prices for E-cars, but also in the low range. In General, more than 400 kilometers per charge, are not even in the top models inside, in the case of low temperatures and high speeds, the battery is faster empty.

The US-canadian Start-up XNRGI from Portland, Oregon, will now have the solution to this Problem was found. The company has developed a technology called Powerchip. It is, in fact, a new composition: The new battery is lighter, has a higher energy density and can be loaded faster. “We believe that we can solve all the problems of the Lithium-ion battery at the same time,” explains XNRGI-in-chief Chris D’Couto confidently against the US Portal “Digital Trends”.

The solution is a waffle

In the case of the patented process, ordinary wafers are provided, in this case, 12 inches (about 30 centimeters) large slices, which form the Basis for integrated Circuits – up to 160 million microscopically small holes. A “waffle-like surface is created,” writes “Digital Trends“. A page is provided with a non-conductive coating, on the other a layer with a conductive Material.

The waffle-like structure offers several advantages: “Each of these small holes is basically a tiny battery”, so D’Couto. “Is a, the Rest remains unaffected. This architecture makes the battery safe and prevented to go Due to thermal and explosions.”

The size of the advantage is that All materials used are already used in the Chip industry. “We need to invent on the process side,” explains D’Couto. Basically, you have to transfer the technology from the semiconductor manufacturing to the battery technology. Therefore, an infrastructure already exists to such a Wafer-effectively in large piece numbers finished.

Higher energy density

should be used by XNRGI technology developed in the Anode of a battery. Here, the electrons collect in the case of a fully charged battery. During Discharge, these electrons move through the circuit towards the cathode. The battery is charged, is filled in the Anode simplified said again “”. So far, anodes are commonly made of graphite. Due to the porous, three-dimensional surface of the XNRGI-offer up to 70 times larger surface of Anode, resulting in a higher energy density is generated.

according to The company, the self-developed battery should also have a three to five times longer service life than conventional Lithium-ion battery. Because the surface has been coated with a non-conductive coating, there is less electro-chemical deposits (so-called Dendrite) on the Anode. This can cause conventional batteries to short-circuits.

More coverage, faster loading

What this will mean in everyday life? XNRGI-Chef D’Couto is to allow the battery compared to conventional Lithium-ion batteries, a 280-percent increase in range for electric cars. A 400-mile car could be put back in order, theoretically, more than 1000 kilometers. At the same time, the load times will decrease due to the larger surface area. Within 15 minutes the battery was charged to 80 percent, it says. A nice side effect is that The new battery is lighter than today’s load cells – especially in the case of E-cars, but also for E-Bikes and drones is the weight of a factor not to be neglected.

XNRGI stresses, with some of the companies to cooperate. Depending on the product segment, the technique had already in two to five years. In drones, robots and scooters, you’ll see the batteries in 2020. In E-cars, you have to wait until 2022 or 2023, and even then it will give first only a few models. In the mass market, the technology will be until 2024 ready, predicts the company. The sun, especially on the complex, long-term Tests in the automotive industry, explains D’Couto.

source: Digital Trends

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