Review tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: propose to fledge

the Electronic pen S Pen, stereo sound from AKG with Dolby Atmos, metal housing and high quality 10.4 inch IPS screen – here are the key features of this relatively affordable tablet. In this review, S6 Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite find out all its advantages and disadvantages.

In early may in the Russian retail there are more option available Android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (our review here), released last year. From the flagship model of the Lite-version is not only a level of the hardware, including processor power, display quality, the technology of a stylus and the lack of a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, but also externally – for example, a number of decorative grilles on the speaker housing and the number of lenses of the rear camera. However, the budget option against the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and costs almost half the price.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: technical characteristically: SM-P615/SM-Р610Операционная system: Android 10 (Q), c Samsung One UI 2.1 Display: 10.4 inch, capacitive IPS WUXGA+ (2000х1200 points, 5:3), the density of pixels per inch 224 ppi, support for S Pen (4 096 levels of depression, 0.7 mm pen weight of 7.03 g)CPU: 8-core 64-bit processor Samsung Exynos 9611, 10-nm LPE, 4 core ARM Cortex-A73 (2.3 GHz) + 4 cores ARM Cortex-A53 (1.7 GHz)Graphics: ARM Mali-G72 МР3Оперативная memory: 4 Bustana memory: 64 GB/128 GB, separate slot for memory cards microSD/HC/XC (up to 1TB)a Rear photo-module: main camera – 8 MP (optical size 1/4 inch, the pixels of 1.12 microns), lens (f/1.9), video 1080p@30fpsФронтальная camera: 5 MP, lens (f/2.0), video 1080p@30fpsКоммуникации: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz + 5GHz), VHT80 MIMO, Wi-Fi Direct, ANT+, Bluetooth 5.0 (LE), USB Type-C (USB 2.0, USB-OTG), 3.5 mm audio connectorbase (SM-T865): GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE; 3CA Cat. 11 (600 Mbps), LTE FDD: B3 (1800 MHz), B7 (2600 MHz), 20 (800 MHz); LTE-TDD: B38 (2600 MHz)Format the SIM card (SM-P615): nanoSIM (4FF)Navigation: GPS/GLONASS/BDS/GalileoЗвук: AKG stereo speakers, Dolby AtmosСенсоры: accelerometer, gyroscope, Hall sensor, light sensor (RGB)Battery: non-removable, 7 040 mAh, quick 15-watt saradippity: 244,5×154,3×7 weight (SM-P615/SM-P610): 467 m/465 gweta: grey, blue, pink

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: design

While Samsung, unlike many other manufacturers, continues to regularly update their portfolio of tablets with new models, the company seems to believe that the design of these devices is the revolutionary innovations would not look quite appropriate. For this reason, the classical exteriors of such devices in the past few years if have changed something very slightly.

As the flagship device, the housing and frame Galaxy Tab Lite S6 is made of aluminum alloy. Slightly smaller screen size almost did not affect the size of the device in terms of: (244,5×154,3 mm) vs. (244,5×159,5 mm). With the same capacity built-in battery in the simplified version of the case has unexpectedly turned out heavier (467 g vs 420 g) and slightly thicker (7 mm vs 5.7 mm). S6 for the Galaxy Tab Lite offers three color – blue, pink and grey (on the test we got the tablet in the latest colors).

Flat safety glass (manufacturer unknown) closes the screen with unusually wide after the mobile framework through which the device comfortable to hold in the hands without causing false positives. If you take a portrait orientation Galaxy Tab Lite S6 for the main, the front camera lens is located on the upper frame of the display, and an RGB light sensor, judging by the description, hid somewhere near the right edge. The icons “Back”, “Home” and “Recent applications” in the settings you can replace the gesturemi, depending on the orientation of the screen is moved to its lower part.

At the top put the microphone hole, 3.5 mm audio connector and a decorative grille of one of the stereo speakers.

Another speaker under the same brand AKG located on the bottom along with the USB connector Type-C (USB 2.0).

On the right edge are the volume rocker and a bit smaller power button/lock. Here was the hole for the second microphone and closer to the bottom end – closed slot, where the bilateral tray on one side there is space for a microSD card, and on the other (only for models SM-P615 with LTE) for the subscriber identity module (with a nanoSIM card). The left edge is empty, since the connector for connecting the case-keyboard Cover Keyboard in the Lite version are not available.

the Rear panel of the tablet is decorated with the logos of Samsung and Sound by AKG.

And in her upper left placed camera lens rear photo module without led flash.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: S Pen and BookCover

a Significant addition to the Galaxy Tab Lite S6 was the electronic pen S Pen with a mechanical button.

Because dimensions are not allowed to organize pencil case directly in the body of the tablet, for the stylus uses a special magnetic holder (next to the mechanical control buttons on the side). To avoid losing the S Pen, move in such a fragile tandem is clearly not worth it.

On the inside of the case-books BookCover Galaxy Tab Lite S6 there is a special niche where the pen is held, as the device itself, or on magnetic clips. Tablet in this classic case can be set on a table under one of the two angles, which is useful when reading, watching videos and surfing the Internet.

the basic kit BookCover not included, and therefore at the time of testing for him would have to pay another 6 290 rubles. At first, when ordered together with a tablet you can count on 50% discount.

just to protect Galaxy Tab Lite S6 from stains and scratches, in the company store Samsung for only 1 990 rubles offer a transparent cover-plate (clip-case) Araree’s Cover with a compartment for the stylus.

Returning to the S Pen, note that the built-in power supply for its operation, this option is not required, i.e., is a passive stylus. Recall that a similar stylus for Samsung has always been the company Wacom, first proposed to use in their work the phenomenon of electromagnetic resonance, and the pressing force to associate with a change in electrical capacitance. In General, able to identify 4 096 levels pressing the S Pen, the weight of which is 7.03 grams, and the thickness of the tip 0.7 mm, has unlimited autonomy. However, the “magic” gestures that are available for active stylus (with built-in battery and Bluetooth), have to forget.

by the Way, miraculously preserved from the electronic pen to the tablet 8 years ago Galaxy Note 10.1 (our review here) in a duet with the S6 is the Galaxy Tab Lite also worked, but to the best of their abilities, of course (only 1 024 levels of pressure).

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: screen

the New Lite version of the tablet greatly “facilitated” due to the screen. Replaced the Super AMOLED-matrix came a 10.4-inch IPS panel with a diagonal of just one tenth of an inch smaller than the flagship Galaxy Tab S6. When WUXGA+ (2000×1200 pixels) pixel density per inch is 224 ppi. Some believe that due to the mild color reproduction, the IPS screen is better suited for long-term work with the tablet because less tiring on the eyes. In addition, the screen’s aspect ratio (5:3) close to cinematic kashmiriana format (1,66:1), which is convenient for watching movies. However, many replacement Super AMOLED IPS is unlikely to appeal.

In the settings section of the Display included the scale of the screen elements and font, possibly changing the style of the latter. The brightness level is adjusted manually or automatically (option “Adaptive brightness”). Enable blackout either immediately or from dusk to dawn, or on the schedule of the user. Although adjustment of color temperature in the settings not, to increase the amount of “yellowing” on the screen directly with the quick switches, clicking on the icon “Filter blue”. The oleophobic coating on the protective glass, but generally speaking, not very impressive.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: camera

Rear photo module on the tablet, you may need except in that case, if you do not have a smartphone. PRand that, unlike flagship, the Galaxy S6 Lite Tab the rear camera is left alone, i.e., without an auxiliary. It is equipped with 8-megapixel sensor (optical size 1/4 inch pixel size of 1.12 microns) and a lens with an aperture of f/1.9 and auto focus. The maximum image size when the aspect ratio is 4:3 is 3264х2448 points. But for a 5-megapixel front camera chose a fixed focus lens and aperture of f/2.0. Maximum resolution selfie is 2576х1932 point. In addition to video conferencing and “crossbows” this camera is useful even when face recognition to unlock the tablet.

In the Camera app, all the “grown-up”: the basic shooting modes – “Live focus”, “Photo”, “Video” – change by a horizontal swipe. Under “More” contains additional modes, including, in particular, “Pro”, “Hypermaps”, as well as the entrance to the “Chamber Bixby” and AR-Zone (entertainment editor augmented reality). In “Pro”mode is recommended, for example, independently set the level of exposure, sensitivity (ISO) and the preset white balance. Also manually selects the method of metering – spot, matrix or center-weighted. But for Photos the image brightness is adjusted by the slider “+/-“, which appears after tapping on the viewfinder. By the way, tap and hold the selected place, you can lock the settings of focus and exposure. Footage is proposed to maintain in economical HEIF format. “Auto HDR” is activated automatically when you enable the relevant option. For “Optimization frame” AI role in selection of the best parameters in accordance with the scene.

For portraits and selfies, in addition to activate one of the filters, it is also proposed that take advantage ofto ovtsa “beutification” (smoothness and skin tone, jaw line, eyes) from the section “Beauty”. Both photos module you can record video at a maximum resolution of FHD (1920×1080 pixels) with a frame rate of 30 fps. In the settings you can enable options “video Codec HEVC” and “video Stabilization”. To timelapse (mode “Hypermaps”) recorded events can be accelerated in 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 times. All content is stored in container files to MP4 (HEVC/AVC video, AAC audio). The shooting process on the screen a few facilitates movement of the shutter button (start recording) in any part of the screen (the viewfinder). A few shots with the rear camera Galaxy Tab Lite S6 can be viewed here.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: sound

unlike the flagship model, the Galaxy Tab Lite S6 Quartet of speakers under the brand name AKG has been reduced to stereo duet. On the tab “audio effects” you have access to the custom 9-pronomo equalizer with five presets. The same option is activated Dolby Atmos surround in four sections – “Auto”, “Movie”, “Music” and “Voice”. When wired headphones are connected you will have access to features to improve sound quality UHQ upscaler].

the Option “Separate audio from the app” allows output of the sound from the selected program on the corresponding audio device. Among the Bluetooth on the tablet codecs are AAC and aptX. The content of the application “sound Recorder” is stored in the M4A format at the pre-selected quality – high (256 kbit/s, 48 kHz), mid (128 kbit/s, 44.1 kHz) or low (64 kbit/s, 44.1 kHz). During the recording of the conversation can leave a mark in time.

the role of the staff of the audio player on the tablet has moved from the “Play Music” to “Music YT”, which also soundly playpow including FLAC files. By the way, along with the tablet comes a free four-month subscription to Premium YouTube a significant caveat – if you’ve never used YouTube Premium YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music.

Well, good music is pleasant to learn, though, to dance, to cook though.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: filling, performance

the basic filling of the new tablet, including not only the chipset but also the amount of RAM, same as the Galaxy A51 (our review here).

All of the resources a 10-nm chip Exynos 9611, including blocks of DSP and NPU, are actively involved in artificial intelligence algorithms. Eight cores divided into two clusters of ARM Cortex-A73 and ARM Cortex-A53 with a clock frequency up to 2.3 GHz and 1.7 GHz respectively. For graphics processing meets the accelerator ARM Mali-G72 MP3, understanding the MFC codecs, HEVC (H. 265) and H. 264. Declared support for displays with resolutions up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600 pixels), as well as work with 4K/UHD (up to 120fps). The platform allows to use a RAM type LPDDR4x and flash memory type UFS eMMC 2.1 and 5.1. Configuration S6 Galaxy Tab Lite add 4 GB of RAM.

Testing Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6. The results in the benchmark AnTuTu, GeekBench and 3DMark

the tablet will run “heavy” games, but they, including the popular PUBG Mobile graphics settings recommended to reduce to medium to avoid lag.

the Size of built-in storage is 64 GB or 128 GB. It can be expanded with memory cards microSD/HC/XC up to 1 TB for accommodation which is allocated a special place in the closed slot. Support USB-OTG for Galaxy Tab Lite S6 connect the flash drive, including those with SMI controller (with USB Type A and USB Type-C connectors – Dual USB). But the drives with NTFS and exFAT-formatted are not supported. But via OTG cable without any problems connected keyboard or mouse.

As already mentioned, the LTE model of the tablet (SM-P615) the other side of the tray for the microSD card is designed for installation of the subscriber identity module with a nanoSIM card. The stated category of the mobile terminal (LTE Cat. 11) is designed to provide download speed up to 600 Mbps. Along with the necessary support in Russia, frequency bands (LTE FDD b3, b7, b20 and LTE-TDD b38) in the presence of a 2-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0

To determine the location and use of satellite navigation systems GPS, GLONASS, BDS and Galileo.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: autonomy

built-in battery Capacity of the Galaxy Tab Lite S6 is exactly the same as the flagship model Galaxy Tab S6 – 040 7 mA*h us to test the tablet came with a 15-watt network adapter EP-TA200 (5 V/2 A; 9 V/1.67 A), supporting fast charging Samsung AFC (Adaptive Fast Charge), which, generally speaking, is a simplified variant of the Quick Charge 2.0 (QC 2.0) with the increase in voltage of only up to 9.

Interesting, but at retail bundled with Galaxy Tab Lite S6 offers a 7.8-watt network adapter EP-TA50EWE (5 V/1.55 V AND). Using EP-TA200 or other suitable charging device, for example, with support QC 2.0/3.0 QC or PD (Power Delivery), to fill the built-in battery “under the neck” it will take less than three hours. Have a regular adapter, the result is markedly worse.

According to the manufacturer, 100% flooded battery, you can talk on 3G, up to 39 hours, to work on the Internet (LTE or Wi-Fi) up to 12 hours, music up to 149 hours or up to 13 hours to watch the video. The reproduction of a set of videos in MP4 format (hardware decoding) at full brightness every hour reduced the battery by about 13% (the test for 6 hours).

In the settings “Battery” offers a number of options to increase the battery life of the smartphone. For example, depending on the type of load to choose one of three modes: “Optimized”, “Average savings”, “Maximum savings”, or to automate your choice, taking advantage of adaptive mode.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: the features of the software

Galaxy Tab Lite S6 is running Android operating system 10 (Q), which interface is hidden behind proprietary shell fresh One UI 2.1.

In this launcher you can choose between the normal style of the main screen (all program shortcuts are assembled on the work tables) and style with a separate menu (screen) applications. The transition to the application screen is performed by swiping up or through a dedicated button, if activated in the settings. In addition to the grid change program icons in the settings main screen was designed to show them to the indicators not only the notifications but also about their number.

the Icons “Back” and “Recent apps” on the navigation bar can be changed, or even replaced by gestures.

Constantly wear glasses the saving of face is divided into two stages (with goggles and without). For sure recognition in the dark is recommended to mark the “Increase screen brightness”, and not to stay on the lock screen is to disable the option. Secure storage of confidential documents, photos, videos, apps, notes and other files in encrypted form on the tablet provides a “Protected folder”. Alas, the fingerprint scanner on the tablet is missing.

When bringing S Pen to the screen and pressing on the mechanical button appears context menu of actions that can be modified or expanded. Handwritten notes (in five colors) can be left on the screen is off, with possible subsequent editing. By the way, the note can not only be attributed to a particular category, but to add tags for easy sorting. For those who know how to draw, program PENUP, well, literally everyone will appreciate the possibility of translation from one language to another.

In an installed application Samsung Notes saved handwriting recognition, and export of results are also available in PDF and Microsoft Word.

In the split screen mode each program is run in a separate window, whose size can to change.

this is useful, for example, to take handwritten notes in a floating window, with adjustable transparency, outlining is viewed through a training video.

the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6: buy, insights

Galaxy Tab Lite S6, received the classic design of the metal housing will be primarily used by those who wish to take advantage of the rich functionality of an electronic Pen S Pen, but could not afford to purchase the flagship device. The emphasis on sound characteristics due to the presence of the 3.5 audio connector and stereo speakers AKG with the participation of Dolby Atmos. In hardware device you should also note the quality 10.4 inch IPS-screen, high-capacity battery with support for fast charging, as well as the extension built-in storage with microSD cards.

in Addition to the average performance of the device, it should be noted his lack of a fingerprint scanner to unlock the screen.

At the start of sales model Galaxy Tab Lite S6 with 64 GB of memory and only Wi-Fi was offered for 28 990 rubles, and with LTE connectivity for 32 990 rubles. The option for 128 GB with Wi-Fi would cost 31 990 rubles, and with the support of cellular networks is 35 990 rubles.

the outcome of the review Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6


Metal coruscatingly a 10.4-inch IPS acronema battery with quick zarathurstra store cards microSDСтереодинамики AKG, Dolby Atmos, 3.5-inch connecticare S Pen with the preinstalled software included


Average proizvoditelnosti fingerprint scanner Text: News.Hi-tech