Review swivel Samsung TV The Sero: first universal

Remember, once (actually, just a few years ago) to shoot a vertical video with a smartphone was considered bad form – they say that their uncomfortable to watch on “normal” displays? Some applications for beginner filmmakers even built visual reminders to keep smart phone “correctly”, or even block the vertical shooting.

Since then, the world has changed – pocket screen for many have replaced desktops and become main and a huge share of mobile media consumption has taken a vertical format ephemeral “stories”, copied from Snapchat’s literally all social platforms. Later, it added vertical video of TikTok and all those services who are trying to catch up. At the same time and the photo quality of smartphones caught up – now some videos are not ashamed to show on a 4K screen.

many computer monitors feature 90 degree turn was a long time ago. However, with rare exceptions rotate had hands, and this was necessary to facilitate the work of coders and designers, not for the consumption of entertainment content. That someone may be interested in turning vertically TV, manufacturers have until recently thought.

the First such idea came to Samsung engineers in 2019 TV The Sero began to sell in South Korea, and in 2020, after the presentation at CES, the Koreans promised to begin sales in other markets. In June, including Russia – the owner of a unique product, you can become paying 109 000 rubles.

the Samsung The Sero: construction, features, interfaces,

Is The Sero of the actual screen and heavy stand with a built-in drive. In total there are more than 30 pounds, and the manufacturer strongly recommends RASpasovka and moving to carry out just the two of us. Because otherwise the screen can be awkward to grip damage, and the waist will not say thank you. Solid backup, through which pass channels for hidden wiring, holds The Sero in a slightly tilted back condition. By the way, the power cable is placed there without problems, and here are a few more fancy than usual HDMI to HDMI thick braided insulation is not got.

For completeness, can be purchased with The Sero stand with wheels. This is a great solution for a country house with a spacious kitchen-living room or loft. For example, while cooking you can put The Sero in an upright position near the work surface, moving the screen of the smartphone recipe, and then cook dinner, move the TV closer to the sofa.

Back everything very carefully, allowing no damage to Feng Shui to put The Sero in the middle of the room.

All connectors are wired interfaces have The Sero collected in the lower portion of the rear panel. There are three HDMI, two USB 2.0 (one with sufficient voltage to connect an external hard drive) and two antenna input. TV understands all the current digital broadcast standards – DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2 and has two built in tuner. Of wireless interfaces include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (and TV can act as a receiver and transmitter), and three variants of broadcast video with audio – SmartView, MiraCast and AirPlay 2.

as for the screen, The Sero does not claim the laurels of the flagships of the current range Samsung is just a very high quality 43-inch TV with a 4K quantum dot display with excellent color gamut and increased brightness (which, if it can adjust automatically depending on lighting), 4-core processor (it is, among other things, enables scaling up to 4K video with lower resolution).

the Samsung The Sero: possibilities and usage scenarios

To use absolutely all the unique features of The Sero, the owner will also need to get a Samsung Galaxy with Android 10. At the same time, opportunities offered by the integration of the TV with a Samsung smartphone, do not call vital; all the key features available for any Android smartphone or tablet, which you can put the latest version of Samsung’s Smart Things, and all except mirroring of the screen in portrait mode and Apple devices.

To begin with I will describe the scenario, “to the maximum”, for owners of the Samsung Galaxy 10 with Android – the OS is on the majority of smartphones, Samsung released in 2020, and the update is already out or will be released for Galaxy S and Galaxy Note 9 and 10 generations, the most popular devices And series including some of the 2018 model year, certain vehicles Galaxy J and tablet S – and A-series aired this past year.

Adding The Sero in the Smart Things, the user is able not only to stream video from your smartphone and mirror the screen and control the position of the TV display. Enabling Smart Things in the appropriate setting, we can no longer think about the need to rotate the screen: when enabled, broadcast it will rotate itself depending on the position of the screen of the smartphone. The turn takes 2-3 seconds.

moreover, Samsung engineers figured out how to include the broadcast of the screen, not pressing buttons in the interface of the smartphone – you need to attach the machine to the top (right in landscape mode) the frame of the TV. You hear the sound, on the edges of the image on TV will run bluish ripples, and the smartphone will display convoy with the proposal to include broadcasting. The function needs to be updated, POSKolka does not always work. But, as the company says, it should work with older Galaxy devices with Android 8.1 and newer.

Finally, to stream video without problems and with any sh-compatible device AirPlay 2 – that is, with iOS 11.4 and above. Since it’s an iPhone 5s, iPad Air and older models, and iPod Touch 6th generation. Supports all Macs with macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later. The only, but important limitation: if The Sero is rotated vertically, the Air Play is not working in any way. So those who have a smartphone or tablet on iOS, display “of strays” in Instagram or tape TikTok in all its glory on the vertical display can not only on the size of a small box inscribed in horizontally detailed screen.

Everyone else will get a lot of emotions – the experience is very unusual. Although my wife and I age and our core audience TikTok by installing the app and launching it on the big screen The Sero could not put it down. I think the main unique “superpower” swivel TV – to turn a highly individual process of consumption of the vertical content on the smartphone in the process of social. When the video is played on the smartphone, the spectator finds himself as if in a cocoon, isolated from friends and relatives, even if they are close by. When the same is played on a large TV display, around which gathered the whole family – it is a collective pastime, and begin to discuss their experiences, share emotions. Complements the positive impression with a loud, quality sound.

the Samsung The Sero: sound

We’ve learned that modern TVs because of the constantly decreasing thickness and vanishingly narrow framework is very limited in terms of onboard sound. The most that you can expect in the models, with the exception of superpipelined speakers 10 – 20 watts, with bass there is simply nowhere to take. Want louder and higher quality sound, buy a Soundbar andif a different individual speakers.

With The Sero, the story is quite different. The engineers at Samsung has decided – again, without heavy and solid stands in the swivel TV is still not enough, you need to use it to the maximum. And placed there, under the inconspicuous blue-grey cloth 60-watt sound system with four aimed directly at the audience speakers and a subwoofer, which sound powerful and clear. In my use of one of the most popular scenarios was stream music from your smartphone via Wi-Fi (supported Android device, and iPhone via AirPlay 2).

to Get on The Sero music can be different. One option is directly from the YouTube app on the TV, the other across the stream from a smartphone, including Bluetooth. Yes, the TV can act as wireless speakers, and if you activate the upright mode Sound Wall (see photo above) – and as a musical device, this screensaver dynamically reacts to playing music via Bluetooth. You can send the sound to The Sero and mobile Apple devices that support AirPlay 2. However, in this case, the screen is forcibly rotated to the horizontal position.

the Samsung The Sero: impressions

the flow is predictable and similar gadgets, which the industry year after year floods the market trying to convince seasoned users to part with money, there, he slips something special, makes you feel the breeze from the future. Samsung The Sero – definitely one of a kind, to watch a vertical video with your smartphone – a very special experience. Which for someone quite possibly and will justify a high price.

it May seem that pivots vertically on the TV – “solution for solution”, which appeared in no problem. This is not so. Anybody after all does not surprise that for the task we keep the smartphone in different positions? So what TV is worse? Why kathe Khoi-content we believe is destined for the big screen, and some, no matter how talented he may be, limited mobile a “pale of settlement” just because he filmed in vertical format?

Yes, while the world’s library of quality video is so much more horizontal than vertical, that the latter can easily be neglected. But exactly the same situation was in the past and more than once: what’s with the change of the black-and-white television a color that (very recent) change in the predominant aspect ratio on the TV from 4:3 to 16:9. Of course, Samsung here while he goes alone untrodden path, but if this is not done – an idea first implemented by competitors.

it is now clear that the new should appear in the second generation The Sero to such devices got a chance to become massive. None of the new gadget will not succeed if it is not going to be applications disclose full of unique engineering features. Currently set vertical mode compatible with the programs limited is collected in the app to Portrait Mode different clock and screensaver, including dynamic (burning fireplace, trembling in the wind leaves), and “the light show” Sound Wall (where the picture is the only one and yet even the colors are not configurable), the browser, well, actually under the revised vertical mode wrapper interface around the Samsung Smart TV.

of Course, you can achieve a large variety of functions, “zerkalia” screen smartphone (in this case vertically while working only Android stream screen with “iPhone” in AirPlay turns the screen into a horizontal position). So you can video calls, even video conferencing to arrange – just have to figure out something to fix your smartphone running WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom; in these times – the most urgent thing.

But still that is no reason to neglect the development of embedded applications. Many must have walked a shared calendar with reminders, constantly appear on the vertical screen lists and schedules of family members. And why not let third-party developers to create (and sell the in-app store) various decorative and functional screen saver for vertical operation The Sero? In General, the platform is where to develop, and it would be great if the output of one experimental TV Samsung will not stop.

Text: Nicholas Belkin
Photo: Samsung, Nicholas Belkin

Text: To.Hi-tech