Review of the smartphone Honor Pro 30+: all grown up

Smartphones-flagships “youth” brand Honor has never been so close in design and features to the expensive “grown-up” flagship parent company, Huawei. In Honor Pro 30+, which was officially presented in Russia today (a month and a half after the debut in China), 50-fold digital zoom and a 50-megapixel sensor main camera side by side with an OLED screen, an eye-catching 90-gercevoj scan — all in Huawei P40 Pro (our test — link). The processor, of course, also “most-most”. In this review, we will understand that is worth to spend money on the latest flagship Honor how well Pro 30+ shoots photos and video, and today looks like Huawei offer an alternative to Google services.

Browse Honor Pro 30+: screen design

in Short, only the appearance of Honor P30 Pro+ can be described as a cross between Huawei Pro Huawei P30 and P40 Pro. Hull shape — symmetrical curves right and left, almost flat, the ends of the top and bottom — obviously from last year’s flagship.

Massive fotovista and an oval “island” cutout for front camera, from fresh. A more or less unique elements are only executed a “stepping stone” extension in the frame under the power button and volume rocker, and a slightly concave upper and lower ends.

According to ergonomics case ustoupet P40 Pro — extra millimeters of width makes one-handed use a little less comfortable. However, this niggle — although with compact vehicles to him and not to be compared for a smartphone from 6.57-inch display Honor Pro 30+ easy. And he’s not too heavy — 190 grams.

OLED screens Honor did not exist before, but now they have all three new devices 30 series. Is used matrix is slightly inferior to the established in the flagship Huawei P40 Pro resolution, there is the usual FullHD+ 1080p instead of the 1200p non-standard. But to the naked eye the difference between the 392 and 441 dpi can not be detected, and the image quality — contrast, maximum brightness, color rendition not worse.

Honor 30 Pro+ boasts the ability to “overclock” the screen to 90 Hz — so the whole animation looks smoother and the smartphone begins to seem faster. From my point of view, the joy of this is not that too much to notice the effect just putting next smartphone with a “slow” 60-Gerasim screen. But now this option is in the trend, why not?

When Honor Pro get 30+ out of the box, on the glass of the screen is detected by the protective film that looks like pasted “for centuries” and is designed to protect the device in long-term daily use. Unfortunately, there is no oleophobic coating, no him the finger normally slides along the surface. Had to shoot a film on the screen showed a full “oleophobic”.

as for the sound: 3.5 mm audio Jack apparatus that is expected for the flagship 2020, the year has not got. But there is a loud and high quality stereo speakers (unlike, by the way, from the actual and last year’s flagship Huawei P-series). From Bluetooth codec supports SBC and AAC, version of the interface 5.1.

Browse Honor Pro 30+: fotosmoralo

the Main advantage of the smartphone (and justification of Supplement plus to Pro) camera. Main photo module uses a 50-megapixel sensor Sony IMX700 size 1/1.28, i.e. the same as the flagship smartphone Huawei P40 Pro, our review of which you can read at this link.

Complements its 8 megapixel telephoto camera periscope lens with a 125 mm equivalent focal length and optical stabilization. She, like the main sensor with optical image stabilization. Finally, the third “eye” — sverkhshirokopolosnykh with a resolution of 16 megapixels and EGF in the 17 mm. Video phone can capture modes up to 4K/60 fps, but the default is 1080p/30 fps — it system and spends less energy, and electronic image stabilization (optical, remember, not) easier to work with. There are 2-megapixel depth sensor of the frame.

Camera Honor Pro 30+, having inherited almost all of the components and from the flagship of the mother brand, is one of the best of the presented today on the smartphone market. If you believe the DxOMark rating (whether or not to believe — is another question), the best of this smartphone (125 points) relieves rear camera only Huawei P40 Pro (128 points).

the photos below, you can compare fotosposobom iPhone 11 Pro (left) and Honor Pro 30+ (right). On the first couple of photos Chinese smartphone inferior to the us only in the dynamic range — the iPhone is better designed sites with different shades and lighting on the petals of a Tulip, while the camera Honor tends to depict the entire petal as a monotonous colour with minimal nuances. As for white balance, “the truth” somewhere in the piceredine iPhone shades too warm, I Honor the draft, on the contrary, in “cold.”

“clippings” from the second pair of comparative images is noticeable that Honor less aggressive applies a filter of field, silhouettes of the leaves softer. In addition (look at full sized photos to the branches of the tree on the left) there is a difference in viewing angles — the iPhone camera “sees” a little wider.

the focus at Honor Pro 30+ with the exception of occasional failures in the “super macro” spotless and algorithms for computational photography doing a great job with removing noise from the frame. On high, pictures taken at night, except that in some cases the colors lack saturation. And shades in the video, filmed in low light conditions, often unpredictable — “walking” white balance.

and of course, Honor Pro 30+ is one of the Champions Zuma. Made 5x “periscope” lens frames by definition are not inferior to pictures with the main camera, thus forming a pleasant, natural side. Here’s an example:

So takes the smartphone into a 10x zoom hybrid: a little less accurate color reproduction, but the clarity (at least if viewed on a smartphone screen) — excellent:

But 50x zoom is useless — it’s all blurry, on the branches there are “stairs”:

Focal length wide-angle onbjective of Honor is 17 mm That is, the frame is a little wider than P40 Pro (18 mm), but not as wide as the iPhone 11 Pro Max (13 mm). Distortion at the edges is often a noticeable, but not critical.

the super wide-angle camera Honor Pro 30+

Front camera dual, single lens with high resolution 32 megapixels, second (8 MP) — with wide angle.

the Results are very good, if you disable decorations algorithms do not blur the skin, but the face shape seems to still adjust slightly pulling vertically. Called, look at yourself through the eyes of El Greco (I could not to lose the isolation?) Bokeh when you activate portrait effect unnatural “digital”, but the contours of the face (most likely due to the presence of two cameras) are detected precisely even in the dim light.

the Rest of the photos from the camera Honor Pro 30+ can be viewed at this link.

Browse Honor Pro 30+: filling, performance

As in the case of photo capabilities, computational stuffing Honor Pro 30+ is not inferior to other current flagship devices of Huawei and its subsidiary brand Honor. The smartphone used processor HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G — top at the moment in the line of Huawei and produced on the most advanced technological process — 7nm. The same chip works and 5G version of the Huawei Mate Pro 30, it is also used in Huawei P40 Pro, the previous flagship of Honor — is not such an elegant, yet practical View 30 Pro.

the test Results in AnTuTu

Although you can connect to the 5G network Russian version of the smartphone can, all the other advantages of the 5G version the latest Kirin before the usual preserved. This additional, third neuroprocessor and a slightly higher clock frequency six of the eight cores. In the ranking of AnTuTu, the smartphone gets nearly 490 000 points, significantly behind only devices with Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and 865 significantly less than the flagships of Samsung with the Exynos 990. The memory of Honor Pro 30+ is more than enough — 8 GB of RAM and 256 built-in. And the last — fast standard UFS 3.0. There is support for memory cards, but rare proprietary standard Huawei NMCard.

Honor Pro 30+ is equipped with a large way and do not record capacious battery 4000 mAh, which is enough for 5-6 hours of screen time. Regular high-speed charger with capacity of 40 watts fills it in less than an hour. Sufficient for most of the day, charge to 80% battery reaches generally for half an hour. A little more time will require faster wireless charging — supports modes up to 27 watts.

Browse Honor 30 Pro+ software

the device Works on Android 10. This means, among other things, that at the system level, there is a dark design (in third party programs too), and the maximum flexibility in configuring permissions for applications. Installed on top of a proprietary shell Magic UI version 3.1 (latest update that came on the smartphone during a test in mid — may-, the same EMUI 10.1 in smartphones Huawei.

Services and Google apps like most smartphones Huawei Honor and released after may 2019, Honor Pro 30+ has not got, say “thank you” to American sanctions. But a lot of pre-installed clients of Russian banks and social networks, online cinemas, full package of services of “Yandex”. Instead of the Google Play store here self appliediy and games AppGallery. Here’s what you can find there:

As yet there has not all, many programs have to put from third party application stores (many familiar programs are there in the Amazon AppStore) or manually by downloading APK files. But the only really insurmountable limitation — the inability to use contactless payments via Google Pay, the other problems are somehow solved: or downloading applications on the side, or using alternatives to Google release programs, or access the web versions of the software (since you have to enter, for example, to view YouTube). And with contactless payments is not so bad — the customers of “Sberbank”, for example, can make them to Honor Pro 30+ with the official app, which is preinstalled on the phone.

In a network there are many forums that discuss various ways to bypass the restrictions and install the new Huawei device Google Play Services. But even there, there is no universal “medicine”, which would be fully earned and payments, and Google apps, and push notifications in apps that use the solutions of a search engine.

Honor Pro 30+ is one of the few smartphones on the market, which is preinstalled out of the box, two native Russian-speaking voice assistant “Alice” and “Maroussia”. Moreover, the assistant from “Yandex” integrated into the system quite deeply and can respond to queries even when the smartphone is locked and screen is extinguished. But truly convenient to use it, only if you disable the biometric authorization otherwise, until the smartphone recognizes a face or a finger, the assistant manages to disable active mode — we have to repeat all over again.

With the “Marusya” until such integration no, “hearing” it only appears when you run the app. Moreover, it’s mercilessly buggy — when trying to bind account email Mail.Ru takes a username and password, and then freezes and after a forced restart, the account is not saved. In General, the results of attempts to communicate with “Mary” it seems that Mail.Ru Group remain truly endless possibilities to improve your voice assistant.

Browse Honor Pro 30+: buy, insights

the Novelty will be offered in Russia in several color options at a price of 54 990 rubles, and bought it before June 30 will get a promo code for “Yandex.Taxi” and “Yandex.Food” for 5000 rubles each. The easiest colour is black (this was in our test).

Original — matte-silver with a huge brand logo on the back. Finally, the exclusive — special Russian version design by art:

Honor Pro 30+ smartphone offers a modern technology to the maximum: a high-performance processor is perfect for gaming, the screen is one of the best in the industry, the camera can take pictures almost in the dark, periscope telephoto lens allows you to get closer to the subject, and quality video capture gets to the market leaders. At the same time, hastily arrayed to replace the Google software ecosystem, Huawei is not yet cover all the needs of a typical user, and the available options for circumventing the restrictions add unnecessary hurdles not faced by owners of phones competitors. For many preferable purchase for sure will be the last year, not having problems with the Google release services and looking almost as Huawei P30 Pro. In the official retail it stands today, less than 50 000 rubles. And Honor Pro 30+ in this situation, buy those who desperately need the most powerful processor, a trendy 90-Hertz screen and stereo speakers, with a soft they are ready to Tinker.

Text: To.Hi-tech