Whether it is shoes or the new Smartphone expected to anyone Who buys something in the Store or Online Shop to obtain, of course, new. Or, alternatively, a note that the product is used, and a corresponding discount. What is not the most customer-conscious: when a product is considered “new”, is not defined exactly (here is what the consumers say protection and a lawyer to do so), but is determined by each dealer within a certain framework, even know.

in view of the debate to be destroyed returns many customers, what the term virgin means in which traders are asking themselves now – and, like the doubts of the returned goods will be dealt with. More to the mistaken dealing with the returns, click here. We asked at Amazon, Ebay, Zalando, H&M and Mediamarkt/Saturn, what can customers expect in the respective Shops exactly, if you “buy new”.

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Amazon: Also the rear runner can be re-said to be

Amazon last year, on request: “customers will get new goods when sold for Amazon.de from Amazon and shipped to order items. Including can also be returned. Each returned product will be checked according to its condition individually based on different criteria. Should the goods not be in our process the returned check to our high requirements for resale as new, will be offered this product on Amazon Warehouse.”

Since then, the group is advised, however, in criticism, after it became known that part of the rear rotor were destroyed. After a re-request, a spokesman said: “In the case of Amazon, the vast majority of the returns Were defined, depending on the condition to other customers, or Resellers, and sold back to the manufacturer or to non-profit organizations donated.” In the case of some products, this would not be possible, you would have to be destroyed for safety or hygiene reasons. “We are working hard to reduce the number of these products to zero,” says the group.

A part of the blame Amazon but in the German system of taxation: “The VAT laws in Germany dictate that companies pay VAT on the value of donated Goods. Therefore, it is for companies in Germany to be economically viable to donate Goods. This also applies to self-employed sales partners who sell their products directly to Amazon customers. If Amazon will donate its own products, the companies to the German tax authorities for the VAT.“

At Amazon you can also get returns, this should not, however, be recognisable as such. On demand, to be screened out according to which criteria used goods is to, unfortunately, give us no more precise answer. After all, we got the information that third-party vendors, which use Amazon only as a platform, will be exactly as new from used goods to differentiate.

Online Unpacked trade, and tried on: What vendors sell us really as “new” may Of painted Mans Ebay Holt: It depends on the dealer

In the case of Ebay, every product can sell. What exactly is new, depends on the evaluation of the individual seller. “We give our sellers a number of help at Hand and with the help of Tutorials and Videos are available to you, for example, to the side,” explains the Portal. “Here, Ebay points specifically to the item condition as ‘new’, specify if the following criteria for the article are true:

The article is in its original factory condition, so in the condition that the buyer from the manufacturer, Distributor, or dealer received.The article was processed, neither in any way nor used, no matter for what purpose.The article has no defects or damage.

Furthermore, the seller will be prompted to do so, in the description of detailed information on specific features and, if necessary, of the existing shortcomings.”

That Ebay is so strict, has a good reason: unlike many other retailers target customers according to New and used looking for goods and then expect a reliable demarcation. Whether it is met in everyday life, then, is a different matter. After all, be bruised, customers can contact in the event of incorrect description on Ebay.

H&M: Worn Yes, smell no.

Also at H&M, all brand new does not come directly from the factory. “As soon as we receive a return, it is reviewed by our colleagues in the distribution center, provided that the article continues to meet the quality standards of H&M, it is added back into our system and for Online orders is provided. Of course, attention is paid here to the fact that labels or tags not removed and the item is not soiled or washed. We are doing the same with items that can be purchased in our H&M stores. Merchandise that is soiled, odor, or has been damaged, it will be sorted out. No longer usable goods recycled and goods that can still be worn, goes to Charity organizations.”

Real used goods you should get at H&M, so. Already tried on clothes but can still apply as “new” online as in the Store.

Zalando: dressing room at home Shopping If the Shirt smells of sweat: The Dilemma with the return shipments

at Zalando should be able to try on the customer, the goods. “It is our goal to make the shopping experience for our customers as pleasant as possible to get virtually the locker room after home. Additionally, customers can return the product easily. The majority of our customers send back items in perfect condition, so that returned items can be sold after verification easily online. Items with minor defects such as a missing button that we provide together with the goods Vorsaisons a discounted price in the Zalando Outlets more.”

The vast majority of returns are in accordance with the company’s in pristine condition, 97 per cent could be sold as new, so the group as a whole. A part of the B-Ware would be donated also. Destroyed products would only in exceptional cases, for example, if pests or contaminants are found to exist. The mistake was only 0.05 percent of all returns, so the group as a whole.

unlike H&M, Zalando sold so the B-goods, however, marked accordingly and a discounted price. The products in the Store and in the Shop kcan still to someone else hanged. But it is only short.

Mediamarkt/Saturn: A-Ware and deleted disk

At Mediamarkt/Saturn, the operator of the two eponymous electric markets, the rule of rules according to its own data strict Quality. “In the online shops of media Markt and Saturn customers receive only products of the category ‘A-Ware’. Here we run exclusively in its original packaging and completely undamaged returns again directly to the sale, including the guarantee and warranty claims remain. All other returns will be inspected and either remanufactured and through other channels as designated second-hand goods are sold, or proper disposal.”

While the unemployment rate would be very low, stressed Mediamarkt. You’ve noticed, “that customer electronics shopping products will be much more conscious and targeted than, for example, product groups, which require a try-on. In this respect, our return rates are also compared with those in other industries are significantly lower,” said a spokeswoman. Almost all of the devices would be sold, most as new.

the Laptop Was folded only once and then sent back, can he apply as a new. Already furnished and then returned devices skin, media Markt Saturn, but rather on other sources as B-stock out. In the case of devices with disks would be formatted after all, previously, explained the company. The photos of the previous owner, you should not get even to the face.

editors ‘ note:

This Text comes from the April 2018 and has been updated. All companies were asked for again, the sections supplemented accordingly.