Coin Pusher Casino, a game released in February 2024 by Tree Nuts Games, recently faced backlash after a negative review on Steam. A Reddit user, Koentjuh, criticized the game for being incomplete and unbalanced, prompting a developer to respond inappropriately by telling the user to “kill themselves.” The comment was quickly deleted, but not before it went viral on Reddit, leading to a wave of negative feedback for the game.

Following the incident, Tree Nuts Games issued a public apology, stating that the developer responsible for the comment has been terminated and removed from the team. The studio expressed deep regret for the inappropriate behavior and promised to improve community interactions moving forward. Additionally, they mentioned initiating a thorough internal review and seeking professional help for team members.

In response to the backlash, the developer directly apologized to Koentjuh for the offensive comment, acknowledging the mistake and expressing remorse for the emotional response. Despite the apology, the internet community remained divided, with some supporting the developer’s stance and others condemning the behavior.

As the situation unfolded, Koentjuh reported the incident to Valve but has not received a response yet. The controversy serves as a reminder of the importance of handling criticism professionally and maintaining respectful communication with customers in the gaming industry. Moving forward, Tree Nuts Games aims to uphold the highest standards of conduct and improve their community interactions to prevent similar incidents in the future.