Slowly, very slowly, creeps Claire Redfield through a hallway of the police station of Raccoon City. Outside, the rain hammers on the Windows, a of their manoeuvres than lightning immersed the aisle in a pale light, the Wind howling around the walls. At the end of the corridor a door. The weapon in the attack to open Claire’s door as he stands in front of her, the T-Virus-eaten Zombie.

Claire pulls the trigger, once, twice, three times. The blood splatters, the Undead don’t want to go to the ground. Again pull the trigger. Ammo empty. Frantic, in a panic, Claire turns around, back into the corridor. Unfortunately, the undead is still there. The shock drives her crippling of the limbs. Claire remains to scream, no time, the Zombie grabs you, drags you to the ground. Claire struggles for her life, the walking corpse off of him, gets high as the second Zombie in the back. Game Over.

something similar happened to us, as we are followed by Capcom’s invitation in the basement vault of the Munich Hotels and fire were allowed to allude to new scenes from the January 2019 announced “Resident Evil 2”.

A Remake of the Survival Horror classic

“Resident Evil 2” is a Remake of the Survival Horror classic, taught in 1998, players around the world, the Fear, and still today, as one of the best parts of all is worshipped. The game is all about the struggle for Survival of the two protagonists, Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy after the outbreak of the T-Virus, a biological weapon, the Living in the walking Dead (and much worse) turns rotates.

In contrast to Ego-shooters like “Half Life”, which appeared with a similar Setting also in 1998, were (and are) the protagonist is no superhero, the half a Arsenal of weapons around with them dragging and most severe wounds with a shrug, plugging. Claire and Leon were the characters, who have to breathe after a few hits your virtual life and think carefully about what you place in your scarce inventory want to give up. A generally slow control came, claustrophobic tight corridors, and a chronic shortage of virtually everything in the game made life easier, such as ammunition, healing, or memory stalls. Play not called Victories in the “Resident Evil 2”, but simply to Survive.

This actually unique game feel want developer Capcom with the Remake in the 21st century. Century transport. Like in the year 1998, we should not fear us again, only Zombies, mutant dogs or other evil monsters, but also in front of empty shot weapons, and labyrinthine buildings. And, as much as we can tell, amazingly well.

“It left us like little children screaming”

Capcom left us for a few hours in the two campaigns of “Resident Evil 2” immersion. Once we waded as Leon (and later, as his mysterious companion Ada) through the sewers of Raccoon City, fled in front of the legendary giant alligator and triggered a switch puzzle, and sometimes more than a tight time pressure.

It was quickly clear that Capcom will manage to retain the typical “Resident Evil 2” game feeling, and to modernise gently. Virtually every Feature from the original part has made the leap into the 21st century. Century managed – only from the early series of parts of known bands of colour, which made the Store a well-considered matter, are out. Missing we don’t have them.

Also, the camera is no longer at fixed points in space, but hovering behind the figures. Thus, the feeling of being lost, to keep track of the game’s plot about surveillance cameras, but Claire and Co for much more precise control.

After we had survived the part with Leon and Ada, we were allowed to plunge us in Claire’s campaign. Which is basically quite different than the Leon. We got it in the use of undead monsters to do, we learned in Claire’s campaign, that the true Monster may always be the man.

Shortly thereafter, nimble “Licker” (to the monsters, mutant dogs) reminded us that we were sitting in the ethics course but in Raccoon City, and pulled out the grenade launcher. But even the thickest gun does not protect against a suddenly through a window-breaking Zombie. Time and again managed to “Resident Evil 2” to be lulled into a false sense of security (“The room we just searched, there’s nothing in there”) – only to us as small children scream when suddenly, a Monster appeared in front of us.

Capcom built a third campaign, a

in addition to nerves of steel and good reflexes are in need of players in “Resident Evil 2” but also a bit of gumption and perseverance. Some of the puzzles requires a bit of Thinking, and not every object is, at first glance, what appears to be. The puzzles, the meticulous Search of the Levels of red or green herbs, ammo and other helpful items contribute a lot to Cutting the dense atmosphere of the game.

connoisseurs in Germany on the Index “caught up” Version of 1998 will immediately feel at home – all others can look forward to classic Survival Horror, Capcom’s in a very pretty and detailed graphics robe has Packed. The Levels are full of Details and are extremely high resolution. At one point we have discovered even support textures in the wood of a shoulder. The animations and faces of the figures, not only in the cutscenes to life, and when our bullets hit a Zombie, then the realistic few steps back, staggers.

so far, so known. Horror, ammo scarcity and the narrow aisles offered the Version of 1998. So that connoisseurs of the original is not boring, Capcom has mounted a third campaign – the content of which we must not betray. Some of the Levels have been redesigned or expanded and there are new puzzles. Plenty of food so even for the meat Fans of the title test. Especially since, as is the case with many Remakes, the charm of the thing, but the fact is, to be able to childhood memories on modern game platforms again experience.

“Resident Evil 2” will be released on 25. January 2019 for Windows, Xbox One and Playstation 4

In the CHIP kings, labyrinths, and treasures: Which are the games of the year 2018 tris Resident Evil 2 Remake Video game