The criticism of Google video platform Youtube is considering a newspaper report, according to far-reaching Changes for better protection of children.

the management of The company discuss about it, all the Videos for kids in a separate App, to outsource and to separate potentially offensive content, wrote the “Wall Street Journal” on Wednesday (local time), citing the Insider. In addition, some employees urged that in the case of children’s entertainment, and not automatically getting new Videos are sequentially played back (Auto-Play).

Youtube is due to its dealing with content for children in the criticism. Consumer advocates and other critics bother to point out that the Auto-Play function again and again, content can be proposed for children is inappropriate. In addition, the use of children’s behavior pursued by so-called trackers.

According to a report in the Washington Post identified the trade authority, the FTC because of a possible violation of the children’s privacy protection act COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). The already-adopted in 1998 law prohibited it, the Online usage patterns of children under 13 years of record or for targeted advertising to evaluate.

Some of the problems identified by the Youtube investigation, plagues, according to the consumer advocates are also other popular Online services such as Instagram and Snapchat, or game platforms such as Fortnite. The providers are trying, with your terms and conditions children under the age of 13 by the use of exclude. However, this prohibition is hardly controlled.

The company has not expressed himself clearly to the “Wall Street Journal” reported plans. “We draw a lot of ideas into consideration to improve Youtube, some, however, remain only ideas,” was a spokeswoman for quote. According to the report, children’s entertainment of the most popular programs on the platform and redeemed accordingly, high advertising revenue. Google’s native Alphabet of the business of Youtube, as yet, hardly any information.