Released first app for coronavirus-based monitoring systems Apple and Google

In Switzerland, released the first mobile application based on a laid down system for coronavirus monitoring, developed jointly by Apple and Google. With the help of this program users can know if they contacted people who were diagnosed COVID-19.

the App is called SwissCovid. While it can have only medics, military and civil servants. The BBC notes that before the launch of the program must obtain the approval of the Swiss Parliament. This is expected to happen by mid-June.

a Similar tool will soon be available in Latvia. As in this country, a parliamentary vote is not required, a program called Apturi Covid can be downloaded from the App Store tomorrow, 28 may. From the Google Play store, which hosts applications for Android-devices, developers permission not yet received.

Thanks to the new system – Exposure Notification API users will be able to learn about potential contact with an infected person coronavirus infection. Importantly, themselves Google and Apple are no programs do not create but only provide the technical means for developers that they can integrate in the official application of medical organizations.

Participation in this initiative is strictly voluntary: if people learned that you were infected, you’ll be able to report it. In this case, the notification will get all users who have installed a specialized program from health services and were near the infected for a certain period of time.

Exposure Notification API does not allow to establish a physical location of a person and preserves the anonymity of people reporting a positive diagnosis. Last week, Google and Apple said that access to the new API asked 22 countries and several States in the United States.

Text: News.Hi-tech