first Of all: “Red Dead Redemption 2” is great. Really. In the Wild West of the late 19th century. To lose century, to RAID with the gear trains, or to hunt and to admire the beautiful world that makes incredible fun. Unfortunately, pain makes it, but be aware that the games industry always succeed less often your most important balancing act: between Hardcore gamers and casual players.

Who wants to swing only occasionally a half an hour in the saddle, with RDR2, as the Fans abbreviate it, quickly be disappointed. The entry alone is more cumbersome than it is nowadays usual. First, one sees one thing above all: Know. At least one hour, you have to drag himself through the snow-covered area of the tutorial, and then finally in the gigantic freedom of the opulent game world released.


The gigantic game worlds, modern top-title leave casual players are often at a loss

©Screenshot Pleasant slow, or simply too lame?

And also there is hardly quick of Action. RDR2 plays with his long rides, and the first rather then babbling of action significantly slower than other current titles. A conscious decision, there is the rare, but intense Action scenes-of which later in the course of the action, then even much more – extra weight adds. With the appropriate time, it is very pleasant that the game lowers the Tempo.

Finally, the fits much better to the atmosphere. Who plays only rarely, however, irritated. That you spend in the game a lot of time to take care of themselves with food, bathrooms and adequate sleep to the well-being of its figure and its gear, not for Immersion, the time issue makes it better.


Depending on the context, the buttons on the controller are different


assigned to address other elements of the game are likely to mainly a lot of gamblers. The control is depending on the context, otherwise occupied buttons, enormously complex, and thus offers countless options, with the detail of the game world to interact. Just at the beginning of this helps but is constantly confused and threatened on the Innocent with the gun, instead of with them. Suddenly you have to flee to the consequent, accidental shooting with a high bounty in front of the Sheriff.

you Play to be longer – preferably at the piece – you get used to the complexity, at some point the control goes into the blood. Lie between the half-hour game sessions, but in those days, the confusion is frustrating. The control is in the menu in detail to adjust, not likely noticed to the average buyer.


The countless side tasks, such as playing Poker in the Saloon for a welcome change – and for the other simply overwhelming.

©Screenshot The industry thinks too big

With his Problem developer Rockstar is not alone. More and more big games are directed with their open game worlds with dozens of hours of play, especially in players with a lot of free time. The plot is to take on only one Element of many in the gigantic game worlds, hidden places, characters and adventures, more time. Who wants to just fast-paced Action, is overwhelmed by the myriad of possibilities simply.

the video game “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”, in testing: Nice, was never slain By Christoph Fröhlich

In the last Generation was different, the plot-heavy Games and Open-World games separated more clearly. In the case of a it went to the story, they were mostly from gamblers with little time to finish completely. The other invited to Explore the true attraction was the Experience of the world. By the new technical possibilities of the Genres mix more and more. If “Witcher 3”, the new Tomb Raider games or the latest “assassin’s Creed Odyssey”: All connect in a complex, detailed plot with a huge, open world – and thus to gigantic epics. This ensures that you can forever spend time with the Games. Who is the main plot follows the stubborn, but quickly loses the thread.

leisure-hungry stories

In some Games you will be forced even literally, with the ancillary activities around the strike. In “assassin’s Creed Odyssey” in certain areas, only one Chance, when you have reached the appropriate Level. This is only the pure Run of the main storyline, but barely. Also in the case of “The Witcher 3” you have to beat with any amount of side quests around.


The atmosphere benefits from the long Tempo


seed Since it is “RDR2” pleasant that you can process in the main tasks, if you want to. Unfortunately, a does not reveal the game is not always what Story missions you really need and which are not. But even for those who only play the main plot, has a lot to do. A good 60 hours of Story, not stuck in the game when Raids from the myriad ancillary tasks, such as Hunting, gambling, or random stories on the edge of the path distract you. This is a lot of time, if you have by the way, bring a Job or even a family life. The emotional end is likely to get only a fraction of the players to face. It’s actually quite a shame.

playing time as a purchase criterion

The Background of the ever more expansive game worlds should be in addition to the desire to create something Great, that is a long time from one part of the buyer is more and more seen as the scale of the game fun. This is also understandable: Who can invest daily hours in games, will entertain with the new giant works for a long time. The opportunity for players to come under the wheels.

the manufacturer have to rely on the same – after all, such large projects profitable. Ambitious games like “Red Dead Redemption 2” cost hundreds of millions of Euro and have the flush also, of course, back in the coffers. Accordingly, you can see the main character Arthur Morgan also felt on every advertising pillar. On time, this could go but backwards: If the opportunity to play players from the Giants again and again to be quenched, not buy them. The new Fifa or a quick round of “Fortnite” are finally enjoying a lot easier. And the pile of do not end brought Play is not small.

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