How to make something even better, that was already awesome? It is not known how much time flowed around eight years of development of RDR2 in the answer to this question. It is a look at the other great game of business: the Grand Theft Auto helps. In 2013 appeared the up to now last part (GTA V) – and was sold until may 2018, a staggering 95 million Times.

What is the GTA series, rock star testifies

such A big success depends on many points: GTA contains a gigantic, very coherent Open World. A world so that the player can explore almost freely on foot, by car or even a fighter jet. The game has a cinematic Story, involving three playable characters. It was in this Form. The game has an online mode, the success of which is a giant “World Of Warcraft” is comparable. To make it short: All the, what is the predecessor of the GTA series established, has been enhanced in both Small and Large, meticulously new elements enriched, and to put together a package of video player barely passed. Guaranteed delivery on day of publication (display) Now Red Dead Redemption at Amazon pre-order!

something of a Rockstar can. With this success formula in the Background of the company verdonnerte almost all of the own Studios in locations such as San Diego, Toronto, or Edinburgh (Rockstar North) to the Westernhit of 2010 an even larger follow.

A first impression of how good the game is

FOCUS Online had the opportunity to be able to the game around four weeks prior to the publication for about an hour to play. That’s not enough for a Test. But it’s enough for a first impression of how good the game is.

What we like is good, what is the question mark we still have

The good:

Very open and lively game world
Revolutionary interaction menu, this makes for a lot of casual situations
Cool Gunplay and customizable weapons
The two shown in the missions, tell cool stories and make you want more
Growing hair, dirty faces, close bond to the horse: The attention to detail is terrific
The Soundtrack from almost 200 individual melodies can be immediately applied to the special Western Feeling
honor system is to change interactions

Here we have a question mark:

As sympathetic to the Outlaw’s Protagonist Arthur Morgan?
the main story is lost in the big world?
repeat How fast the random interactions?
Since the end is already clear: How surprising the Story is?
How strong is the influence of the honor system to the world really?

What’s it about? The player is thrown into the world of 1899. The end of the Wild West is long overdue for us. The Van-der-Linde-speed does not want to have the true and the subcontracting of her Outlaw life, with shops, away from the laws. The Protagonist of Arthur Morgan. He is devoted gang boss Dutch at the beginning of the most faithful, does all the dirty work for him. But RDR2 would tell no real Western history, would not Arthur’s world is shaken soon in its foundations.

No question, as the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 out

RDR2 is the prequel to the predecessor. In this they played another member of the Gang, John Marston. This was sent in a revenge story to track down the at this time already dilapidated Van-der-Linde-group. With part 2 in front of it, is a bold decision to rock stars, leaves it open but no questions, on the story of Arthur in the second part will turn out. But the crucial question is, what happens until then – and likely to remain around 60 hours of play, in which a fascinating story can unfold. Rockstar

we Would refer to Arthur Morgan as the only protagonist, would not the idea behind RDR2, however, are. Because at least as important for Rockstar the Mechanics of the Open World. RDR2 is the first game the company developed for the new console generation. The Power of the PS4 (Pro) and Xbox One (X) should still allow for more freedom and Details.

Dusty, really – a great Western world

And, in fact: The world of Arthur Morgan’s feels just as dusty and real as a Western has to the touch. After a short time in the open world, the player encounters the first Cowboys, then choose an intuitive context menu, whether he wants it invaded only greet or even. Stylish the turret is almost alone in the Hand, and the Outlaw flies-history takes its course. A Cowboy falls to the ground, the other one can escape and informed randomly over-riding the Law. Rockstar

Morgan latching – straight into the arms of the minions of a rival Gang. The open fire, but the gunslinger is to be activated Deadeye – a kind of slow-motion aim and fires from all pipes. He survived just. The Genius of it: none of this is scripted. The story unfolds from a series of coincidences, the experience of the next player in the same place again quite different.

The glue that holds the world together

The base for all explorations is a Camp, in the Morgan again and again on his NPC comrades-in-arms. These Mechanics Rockstar is also very important. Here the Protagonist can’t shave – the hair will grow with time – and in one of the many Outfits constraints. Here is also the glue that holds the open world RDR2s together properties: The interaction between the great written characters, the small Disputes, depth of friendships, and probably a new enemy. The feels in the short Preview, very intense. Rockstar

For these and many other ideas that will make RDR2 with security to a great game, drawing, among other things, the Houser brothers are responsible. They are a series of co – founder of Rockstar and the GTA and Red Dead. Her Credo is, as we Heard, that they develop games for the market, but so that you have fun with it.

And this is the true formula for success, which is probably much more important than any line of Code of their games. This just happens to be their taste and pop culture understanding with the millions of other players overlapping. This has worked in the past, and the signs are good that this will succeed with the latest rock-star product.

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