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Recruiting a teacher in 30 minutes, “absolute stupidity” for Mélenchon


Jean-Luc Mélenchon estimated Thursday during a trip to Poitiers that the “job dating”, organized this week by the Academy of Versailles to recruit contract workers who do not necessarily have the required diplomas, “was absolutely stupid “.

“To think that we can recruit a teacher in 20 minutes is not only offensive to all teachers but it is absolute stupidity,” the leader of France insubordinate told the press.

“We are all disgusted, I try to measure my words (…) but many people are ashamed and live from the suffering of this form of selection”, judged the instigator of Nupes.

Since Monday, the rectorate of Versailles, which lacks teachers, has been organizing interviews with people who have not passed the competitions. The “selected” will teach from the start of the school year, as contract workers, with the possibility of taking the competitions later.

“One of the difficulties we were facing was rather how to ensure that our teachers had enough time in a school (…) and they did the opposite”, he continued, believing that “the high administration of the Academy of Versailles is no longer in its role (…) to run National Education”.

And to “tell the Academy of Versailles like the Academy of Créteil”: “If we win the election, many of those who are currently in the offices will have to return to the classrooms because we are short of people . So it will be them first and it will teach them what a classroom is”.

Mr. Mélenchon had gone to Poitou, already hard hit by drought, to highlight “the water crisis”, in a region where basins, these vast open-air cisterns reserved for agricultural irrigation , arouses strong opposition from environmentalists.

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