Code the Classics is a new book series published by Raspberry Pi Press, created to teach both new programmers and nostalgic fans how to develop retro games inspired by the classics from the ’70s and ’80s. The books are authored by Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton and will be released in two volumes. The first volume, which is a revised edition of the original book released in 2019, will be available on August 27, while the second volume will launch on November 12. Both volumes can be preordered on Amazon for $30 each.

In Volume 1, readers will delve into a fun history lesson on vintage video games from the ’70s and ’80s. The book includes walkthroughs of example projects programmed by Upton, focusing on teaching coding in Python, which is compatible with Raspberry Pi devices. Some of the games covered in Volume 1 include Boing (inspired by Pong), Cavern (inspired by Bubble Bobble), Infinite Bunner (inspired by Frogger), Myriapod (inspired by Centipede), and Substitute Soccer (inspired by Sensible Soccer).

Volume 2 of Code the Classics continues the journey with more games to create, such as Avenger, Beat Streets, Eggy, Leading Edge, and Kinetix. To play the custom games created through the books, Raspberry Pi computers are recommended. For those unfamiliar with Raspberry Pi, starter sets are available, providing all the necessary components to build a small PC and retro gaming console. Options like the Canakit Raspberry Pi 5 and the Retroflag GPi Case 2 for Raspberry Pi CM4 offer unique gaming experiences reminiscent of classic consoles like the PlayStation and Game Boy.

With the rise of DIY gaming consoles and the popularity of retro gaming, creating custom games on Raspberry Pi devices has become a trendy hobby for tech enthusiasts and gaming fans alike. The Code the Classics book series provides a comprehensive guide for individuals looking to explore the world of game development through a nostalgic lens, offering practical coding lessons and project ideas inspired by iconic retro games.

Whether you’re a beginner coder or a seasoned programmer, delving into the world of retro game development with Code the Classics can be a rewarding and educational experience. By following the step-by-step instructions and examples provided in the books, readers can gain a deeper understanding of programming concepts while reliving the magic of vintage video games from decades past. Embracing the spirit of creativity and innovation, the Code the Classics series opens up a world of possibilities for aspiring game developers and retro gaming enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.