The new Minister of Solidarity Damien Abad said he was “innocent” on Monday of the accusations of rape brought against him by two women and indicated that he did not plan to resign, during a statement to the press in his constituency of Ain. .

“Should an innocent man resign? I don’t think so,” hammered Mr. Abad, who was speaking during a trip to Saint-Jean-le-Vieux. “I contest the accusations against me with the greatest firmness (…) I have never raped a single woman in my life,” he added.

“All the sexual relations I have had in my life have always been mutually consented”, insisted the minister, stressing that, because of his disability which hinders his mobility, the facts attributed to him were “materially impossible”. .

“From now on I devote myself to my mission as a minister, a minister who wishes to be on the ground,” said Mr. Abad, who also wants to be “fully committed” to the campaign for his re-election as deputy for Ain. .

In an interview with the newspapers of the Ebra group, the minister also denounced an “unhealthy voyeurism which undermines” his “dignity”, and affirmed that he retained “the confidence of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister”.

23/05/2022 18:48:21 –         Paris (AFP) –         © 2022 AFP