Individually, the three dogs are very well behaved. But when they meet in the Meadow, there is no stopping. Their owners will lose completely the control of the animals from the bushes together and do what they want.

Mr Chen, however, have observed that in the two dogs together, no problems. You decide, therefore, that the animals be on a leash and that the dogs sniff, although to be third party each other, however, at most two of the together in one direction can move.

all the dogs at the beginning of the same distance from each other, to form the locations of the three owners of the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Unfortunately, the lines are of different lengths. A has length 3, the other is the length of 4, and the third the length of 5.

the Following sketch shows the desired arrangement. The dog owners are at the vertices of the triangle, the three dogs can meet in the interior of the triangle only at the marked point.

If the length of the three lines with 3, 4 and 5 is given as the length of the side a of the equilateral triangle is then?

note: This puzzle is challenging, you can solve it but with elementary geometry knowledge. If you want to work with a pencil and a ruler, you can use the following Pdf template that contains the triangle twice.

PDF Download is available For Print of Three dogs in the DreieckPDF-size: 746 kB

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