Two beautiful grass courts of the football club, but the constant Mowing of the way to get the members. You decide, therefore, to test the mower.

A representative shall in the morning, an even number of robots in the first place and let you do your laps. The rolling machines are networked, and therefore, is very clever: Where there is already mowed, drives, none of the robots for a second Time. Each robot creates in the same time in the same area.

After four hours of interrupting the robot work and go to the charging stations. In the afternoon half of the robot mows in the first place – this is a cut after exactly four hours. The other half of the robot trims while its in second place was the Green – for four hours.

The next day, only a robot is there. He mows on the second place – in the morning and in the afternoon. After a total of eight hours of use also the second place, the cut is finished.

How many robots the representative has, on the first day of work?

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