at the beginning of the week Germany discussed a half above the level of the math-baccalaureate – and it was controversial. While the students on incomprehensible tasks, and the lack of time, complained, accused them of one or the other from the older Generation, to have simply too little learned.

It is well was to take a couple of days, until there are reasonably reliable estimates about how hard the written part of the maths a-levels in countries such as Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt, in fact. It is only when it is clear how the distribution of points over all of the students looks like, you can see the results of the year 2019 to compare with previous years.

In the meantime, you can try yourself at one of the tasks that many high school graduates from Bayern last Friday, had to edit. She comes from the area of probability and does not require higher mathematics. It is the first task from the area of stochastic and they should not therefore be actually too difficult.

you Can solve the gingerbread problem? Here is the slightly abridged original text comes from the test paper:

“Every sixth visitor of the Volksfests wears a gingerbread heart around her neck. During the duration of the Volksfests 25 Times is selected, a visitor randomly.

Determine the probability that among the selected visitors to a maximum of one visitor wears a gingerbread heart.”

1 | 2 to 1. Part: The gingerbread problem from the Abi test 2. Part of: click Here for the solution