In a cube is much more than you think. You can share it for example with a straight cut into two halves so that the cut face is an equilateral triangle. As the sectional area of a regular hexagon is possible.

The following task will bring your spatial thinking ability may be at its limits. A dice is to be cut so that the cut surface is a regular hexagon.

But it is not a normal dice. Rather, he has three through Holes with a square cross-section. The page length of this cross-section Quad rate is exactly one-third of the edge length of the cube – see the drawing.

This provided with Openings cube should now be cut, a cut surface is formed, which has as its outer boundary is a regular hexagon. However, the cut surface is not a closed area – in the middle, she obviously has a Opening.

How, exactly, the hexagonal cut looks area?

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