The Problem of the frogs and toads is described. Each animal sits on a floating leaf, just the leaf in the middle is not occupied (see below). The brown toads want to bounce to the left, the green frogs to the right. Each animal is allowed only in the desired direction jump – either on an empty sheet directly in front of him or a frog or a toad on a free sheet right behind it.

As the animals have to change their positions, so that at the end of all toads are on the left and all the frogs on the right side? The middle sheet should then be vacant.

you can solve the task for different numbers of animals. It is best to start with a toad and a frog. But it works well with two, three, four, or five? Or the frog-toads Problem of a certain number of solvable?

With the interactive Player, you can figure out your best possible jump strategy. With the slider you can set the number of the animals.

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