The gummy Problem from last week has caused some discussions. Several readers have written to me that you doubt the accuracy of the solution. Yes, my reasoning actually has weak points. I have added the solution, therefore, further explanations – you can find them here.

The new puzzles are likely to cause less Controversy. It is a square divided into smaller squares. According to the following rule:

1) The square is quartered.

2) The quarter of a square in the bottom left is dark colored.

3) go to the district square in the top right. This is the square, repeat steps 1 to 3.

If you follow this guide, the result is always smaller, dark-colored squares. There are infinitely many even, you can recognize this only because the squares are getting smaller and smaller – infinitely small!

Now the question: If the large square with which we start has an area of 1 – how big is the area of all the dark-colored squares is added together?

Or else asked: How large is the proportion of dark-coloured surfaces on the large square?

1 | 2 to 1. Part of: an Infinite number of squares 2. Part of: click Here for the solution