Government spokesman Olivier Véran on Friday set limits on opposition amendments to the purchasing power bill, stressing that they should not “collide with the spirit of the text” by doing “too much”. ” or ” not enough ” for the French.

“Of course, there is room” for these amendments, and “I am convinced that (they) will be adopted”, he argued on Europe 1, ten days before the start of the examination of the bill in the National Assembly on July 18.

But “what you should not do is hit the spirit of the text”, underlined Mr. Véran: “Neither too much nor not enough”.

We must not do “or too much”, for example like the LR group which proposes to lower the price of a liter of gasoline to 1.50 euros, which would cost “50 billion per year”, denounced Mr. Véran, ” nor not enough” for example by reducing “protection for the French”.

“We are going to have a very open, very constructive approach, we will look at all the proposed amendments, provided that they do not distort the coherence of the whole and that they do not degrade the overall financial balance: we do not exceed not the 5% (deficit) of GDP” in 2022, “no tax increases and no increase in debt”, Matignon fixed on Thursday.

While the total amount of this aid is estimated at 20 billion euros, after more than 25 billion put on the table since the fall of 2021, Olivier Véran confirmed the objective of seeing “the debt start to fall” from of 2026 and the objective of a public deficit of 3% of GDP in 2027, against 6.5% in 2021.

“The philosophy of the text is simple: where prices increase in the daily life of the French, we are there to support in particular those who face the most difficulties to make ends meet,” added Olivier Véran.

He assured that the government, which “wishes to have a majority (in the National Assembly) outside the National Front”, “will not need” the votes of the deputies of the far-right party to see the bill. adopted, even if he cannot “prevent them from voting on the texts”.

Mr. Véran also said “to see very badly socialist, communist, environmentalist deputies, vote against the increase in retirement pensions” for example.

“We will discuss, find a balance, compromises, but at the end of the day, each parliamentarian will be responsible for his vote before the French,” he argued.

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