Marine Le Pen, president of the RN group in the National Assembly, “wants” that the bill on purchasing power “can be voted on”, because it is “urgent” for the French, she said. underlined Thursday, thus arguing a difference, according to her, with the united left Nupes.

This bill, which must be presented Thursday afternoon in the Council of Ministers, is “fundamental, eagerly awaited by the French” and “I want this text to be able to be voted on”, even if “it will most certainly be imperfect because it was not us who built it,” said the former presidential candidate on RTL.

“We are going to fight so that the decisions that are taken and voted on are the best for the French, but it is urgent,” she insisted.

“So voting a motion of censure right away means postponing this text at best to the end of September,” added Ms. Le Pen, in reference to the motion tabled on Wednesday by Nupes against the government of Ms. Borne and that the RN and LR refused to vote.

“I do not aim to blow up the institutions”, she added, specifying to speak “of the far left” whose “agenda” is “to blow up the Fifth Republic”.

On the contrary, “my objective is to make life easier for the French”, she assured, asking the government if it is “ready to compromise” and to say “how far it is ready to amend his project to take into account the vote of the French” in the legislative elections.

If she welcomed the upcoming revaluation of retirement pensions by 4% or even the tariff shield on energy prices, Marine Le Pen pointed to the fact that “the government gives the feeling of giving gifts” then that “in reality it does not cover the losses recorded in the last five years and those which will be recorded there because of inflation”.

She also criticized the plan to pay aid to “big rollers”, anticipating “a gas plant” and wondering how the government will know who used their car to go to work or “go see grandma”.

“The only effective, rapid, immediate measure that benefits everyone is the reduction of VAT from 20% to 5.5%” on energy and fuel prices, she said. defended again.

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