The opposition within the Socialist Party to the agreement with Nupes is organized. Still in disagreement with the PS and the first secretary of the party Olivier Faure, Stéphane Le Foll organizes in the Sarthe, Saturday, July 16, “a summer meeting” to involve many dissidents of the party and discuss the future of the left in view of the next elections, reports France Info. By bringing together some former PS executives, the goal is to embody a “new leftist federation”.

Among the personalities announced: former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, the former first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis or Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie region. If François Hollande is not present for a question of agenda, the former President of the Republic supports the approach. Moreover, he believes that “we must go to the end of the clarification at the PS” and rebuild a movement that can win the presidential election of 2027. During the legislative campaign, he did not stop denouncing the agreement concluded between the PS and the other left-wing parties (LFI, EELV and the PCF) and opposed the political line advocated by Olivier Faure.

The legislative elections have therefore left their mark. Faced with those who did not follow the national line of forming an alliance with LFI, the PCF and EELV, Olivier Faure suspended “dissident candidates”. Like Stéphane Le Foll, some PS executives no longer find themselves in the policy led by the first secretary of the party. Thus, the mayor of Le Mans intends to “build a federation of the social and ecological left which is neither in the displayed radicalism of LFI-Nupes, nor behind macronism”.