Whether to high bills, strange bookings of additional services or poor Service: most of mobile customers had been in any Form of Trouble with your Provider and know the frustrating phone calls and E-Mails. An 88-year-old canadian has taken it particularly bad. After a lot of to a lot of charged to credit was forwarded to the Hotline up to eleven Times to another employee and got on the end of a cheeky offer.

Theresa S. was of concern to quite a serious. Their Relatives were Worried about the sprightly lady, because she was independently on the road and even driving a car. Therefore, they looked for a Prepaid rate, so it is always accessible. For the Provider Bell from booked each month money from your credit card, the unused balance was transferred again in the next month.

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S. of the long not noticed. You got simply no bill. Eventually, they wondered, however, why Bell abbuchte every month 17.25 in Canadian dollars, reported the local news page “CBC”. On the phone with the provider you got a mighty fright: More than 1000 Dollar balances have accumulated there over time.

The simple reason for that: S. now lives in an old people’s home, the car is long sold. The mobile phone has them in a drawer, she declared, “CBC”. You will not remember when you had it the last Time.

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the money comes to you anyway. Again and again she had been at the Hotline connected, part of ten minutes waiting time between the conversation partners. With eleven people you want to have in a single attempt spoken. Attempts of the Relatives were of no avail.

The Tenor Bell: You can’t help her. The only offer of the mobile giants: waived additional charges, charged to the accrued balance on a monthly basis with your Tariff. Four and a half years it would take. A long time for an 88-Year-old.

contract Customers

The group is in the right. “Prepaid customers pay in advance, therefore there is no invoice,” said a spokesperson for the group to “CBC”. The group is in agreement that the volume will not be repaid, S. have not used your contract is 44 months at a time, so the high balance. As a response to the press request, you offered, after all, also p. fixed-charge Tariff of the credit.

S. is still not in agreement. “Maybe you’re not here tomorrow,” she said of the page. “We don’t know it. But four and a half years? There is hardly a Chance that I’m still alive.” Will not inherit the assets at least. Bell’s contracts clearly explain that the money is transferred upon the death of a customer in the group’s possession.

source: CBC

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By Malte Mansholt