Before Your Eyes was a game that took players on an emotional journey through the afterlife by using a unique mechanic of blinking to control the story. The success of the game led the core team members, Graham, Oliver, and others, to form their own studio, Nice Dream. This indie studio aims to create narrative-driven games, and their debut project, Goodnight Universe, is already generating excitement.

The concept of Goodnight Universe revolves around a six-month-old baby named Isaac, born with psychic powers and heightened intelligence. The game explores how Isaac navigates his family’s emotional struggles while keeping his abilities a secret. Players will use their face gestures to activate Isaac’s powers, such as telekinesis and telepathy. The game also features traditional controls for those who prefer a more conventional gaming experience.

Nice Dream is incorporating more traditional puzzle-solving elements into Goodnight Universe, offering a mix of psychic-powered tasks and ordinary baby experiences. The game promises a blend of light-hearted humor and heartfelt moments, ensuring a balanced tone throughout the adventure. The story includes branching narratives based on player decisions, adding replay value and creating different outcomes based on choices.

As the team behind Goodnight Universe, including Graham and Oliver, shared their excitement for the project, it was evident that they were building on the success of Before Your Eyes while pushing the boundaries of creativity. The positive reception of their previous game has emboldened them to explore new ideas and mechanics in Goodnight Universe without the fear of being misunderstood. With experience on their side, the team is eager to deliver a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Goodnight Universe is currently being showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival, adding to the anticipation surrounding its release. With a mix of innovative gameplay mechanics, heartfelt storytelling, and adorable characters like Io, the team at Nice Dream is poised to deliver another captivating adventure for players to enjoy. Fans of Before Your Eyes can look forward to a longer but equally impactful experience with Goodnight Universe, filled with surprises, emotional moments, and engaging gameplay.