Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Amazon to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to Fire TV devices. As of July 8, this feature is now live, allowing gamers to access the Xbox experience without the need for a console. All you need is an Amazon Fire TV stick and a compatible controller. Xbox controllers are supported, but you can also use a PlayStation controller.

To access cloud gaming, you must be a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and have a stable internet connection. Microsoft recommends a wired connection for the best experience or a 5Ghz wifi connection with at least 20 Mbps download speed. While most games from the Game Pass catalog are available for streaming, not all of them can be played this way. You can check the Xbox website for a full list of supported games by using the “cloud” filter.

Xbox cloud gaming is available in over 25 countries worldwide. You can check the Xbox cloud gaming website to see if your country is supported for game streaming. This expansion to Fire TV devices comes after the launch of Xbox cloud gaming on select Samsung smart TVs in 2022. Users will need to download the Xbox app on their Fire TV stick or Samsung smart TV to access the cloud gaming feature.

Microsoft is offering Xbox cloud gaming as an alternative for those who do not own an Xbox console but still want to enjoy Xbox games. The company understands that not everyone can afford an Xbox console, especially the $300 Xbox Series S. While Microsoft initially considered creating a streaming-focused Xbox device, the cost of components prevented it from becoming a commercial product. Instead, Microsoft is collaborating with companies like Amazon and Samsung to expand the reach of Xbox in the streaming space.

Rather than focusing solely on selling new Xbox hardware, Microsoft is aiming to grow the Xbox ecosystem and encourage more people to subscribe to Game Pass. Despite a slight decline in Xbox Series X|S sales compared to Xbox 360 figures, over 20 million users have already tried Xbox cloud gaming. This number is expected to increase in the future.

The shift towards cloud gaming reflects Microsoft’s broader strategy to make Xbox games more accessible to a wider audience. By partnering with various companies and expanding the reach of Xbox services, Microsoft is positioning itself for future growth in the gaming industry. If you have any news tips or inquiries, feel free to contact us at