The message sounds like you needed to act immediately: “don’t Forget that tomorrow the new rules will come into force, according to which Instagram, all your images should use”, – stated in the chain letter, the made in the last few days, in the case of Instagram the round. In addition to celebrities such as Pink, Usher, Julia Roberts, and the US Secretary of energy, Rick Perry also countless private users shared the message. And widely used as a year-old Hoax.

To the message, the haunts in both German and in English, is in fact absolutely nothing to it. The same – then that is also false message made since 2012 in Facebook the round. The social network warned even then that it was simply a hoax.

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Better safe than sorry, even if it is a hoax. Sorry for whatever reason anyone would be offended by this. Have a nice day

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Into the Absurd drifted

on closer Inspection, this is an easy to. All the contents are available immediately to the public, including private messages and “not allowed” photos it says there. Also with crude legal reference work: “The violation of privacy can be punished by law (UCC 1-308-1 1 308-103 and the Status of Rome.” The only ostensible solution: to post to The opposition.

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Holt however, This is nonsense. Also in the case of Facebook a series of unsubstantiated allegations in the letter are absurd in relation to Instagram is almost like the Social Media Blog “Mimikama” shows. In the old chain letter simply “Facebook” was replaced by “Instagram – without observing that many of the alleged problems there are long normal. So it was quite a threat, all Facebook-pictures should suddenly be visible to the public. In the case of Instagram, but that is simply the default setting and the since the emergence of the network. Also Instagram to say the dissemination of the own photos, is makes little sense. Finally, it is the main purpose of the service.

a lawyer says to the letter

However, even if it is actually reason, appeal, would not be sufficient for such a Post at all. The the on media law specialist lawyer Christian Solmecke explained already in 2016 in terms of the chain letter in Facebook. “To disagree, as a user of the Facebook terms and conditions, would be a contradiction only valid, if the opposition Facebook is actually. To post a contradiction to the Timeline, is not generally received, because Facebook does not need to take the Post it note,” he explains in a blog post.

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Self-contradiction by Mail would not have to bring the Social Media giants to change the contract with the customer, so Solmecke continued. Facebook might terminate the account easily. After all, there is no right, an Instagram – or Facebook-to operate the Account according to its own rules.

The Power of the celebs

the chain letter is spreading rapidly, is certainly also due to the enormous reach of the prominent posters. Even Pink was aware of the fact that you may be wrong. “Better to be on the safe side, even if it is perhaps a Hoax,” she wrote to her opposition, as well as online. However, they showed a sense of Humor: a Few hours later she posted again and shared one of your led Buzzfeed list of celebrities “have fallen to the stupid Instagram-Hoax come in.”

The funniest post came from “the Daily Show”Host Trevor Noah. The Comedian wrote an article in the style of the original, in which he made about the many spelling errors and the lack of understanding of the law funny. At the latest at the end of each of the joke is likely to be noticed. “You’re safe now, the evil Instagram-demon is dead.”

sources: Instagram, WBS Law, Pink (Instagram), Trevor Noah (Instagram) Mimikama

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