the Service desert Germany. This image summed up decades ago, the state of the German service sector. In the case of telephone Hotlines, everyone thinks of long waits, grumpy staff, a little help. Now the digital change, customer service, powerful turn around. Not necessarily to the benefit of the customers.

more and more companies are using Artificial intelligence to optimize customer service, writes the “Wall Street Journal” in a detailed article. There are many companies trying to find the “Breaking Point”, is meant the limit of the carrying capacity. In clear text this means: The companies want to know how what the customer is best deal but also the point at which they make their threat to terminate, true.

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The satisfaction of the customer is Central. Through the analysis of the data, the companies know, how long should a caller in the cut in the waiting line until he hangs up. The “WSJ” according to some of the customers actually come faster than others. An evaluation of the behavior and the personality of the caller ensures that he gets the right conversation partner is assigned. to connect

“The right Service staff with the right customers, increases the probability of a positive interview outcome. In doing so, we consider the solution of rate and satisfaction,” explains a spokesperson for the American phone provider AT&T in the newspaper. The Telecom industry could benefit from the optimizations as well As in Germany, it is one of the industries with the lowest customer satisfaction with the Service.

decisions in a fraction of a second After failures and Service problems, O2 goes into the attack – and miss feeling understood By Malte Mansholt

“When a call comes in, you can meet today in milliseconds, the right decision, how the caller can best be met,” explains an employee of Affinity, Inc. The company develops Software for Call centers. From the user’s data and previous contacts that you created for the customer with a profile, with which an employee is selected that is suitable for this type of call is best.

Some companies are going even further. A Live analysis of the voice shows how angry the customer is. The Cloud provider Dialpad evaluates, therefore, the customer calls live. The tone of voice and the volume indicate that the conversation is tilting, you can turn on a alerted the Manager. Because in a real-time transcript of the call is created, do not need to repeat the customer – the Manager can read it simply and quickly.

to the limit sounds like first of all also for the customer well, not always to its advantage. The vast quantities of accumulated data allow to identify the companies, which customers are really worth the effort. “Companies are now very good at it, identify which measures will give a rash,” explains John Mitchel of the “Wall Street Journal”. His company, Applied Marketing Science advises other companies in customer service. “And what purchases and do it.”

customer satisfaction Of due Premium: Aldi talk and co. will send Telekom, Vodafone and O2 on the last places Of Malte Mansholt

Here is the “Breaking Point” comes into play. As long as the analysis says the company in advance that the customer will remain so despite the current problems, they have less incentive to solve them. A termination threat is not as effective as actually filed. No wonder the recovery has often other ways than the ordinary customer hotline.

An important finding of the evaluations relates to the personality of the Service employees, says Matt Dixon, the analyses for the company Tethr with the help of KI customer contacts. Many companies were, therefore, preferably, empathetic employees. In Controller”, which represented a strong opinion would be” much more successful, so Dixon. “People want to talk to someone who is smarter than you and will solve their problems.” So far, the would cases, but only in the exception application process carefully.

mobile-phone contracts New mesh in O2: Who announces, you must pay By Malte Mans perception of the question

get One of the most important factors in the poor perception of customer service is likely to be already the earlier digitization. Very many reasons, a Hotline to call, way, today fall – for example, because the information is available online or without contact with a form can be submitted. A call is not done so just yet, when you come to another place. The positive experience of a quickly resolved problem is less likely.

the perception of social networks and review sites has a clear bias in the direction of negative experiences. “If you hang at an airport gate fixed, annoys you, and tweet about it”, summarizes a McKinnsey Manager. “If all goes well, thanks to someone, and forget it again.”

came To a similar result of a Service-study of the “Chip 2016”. Despite the bad reputation Hotlines of twelve branches cut off in a Test of the Service no worse than “Satisfactory”. The best result, of all things, the mobile industry had.

source: the Wall Street Journal

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