In Pakistan, has been taken by the leader of the protests against the release of the Christian woman Asia Bibi. The chief of the Islamists party, Tehreek-e-and excellence (TLP), Chadim Hussain Riswi, had been set on Friday evening (local time), informed the Pakistani information Minister, Fawad Tschaudhri the short message service Twitter.

as a result of the arrest, it came to new protests. The police detained according to information in the Region of Punjab, around 300 supporters Riswi. In a on Friday released a Video of a TLP representative called again to protest.

Riswis party had led the protests against the acquittal of the Christian from the charge of blasphemy. According to the government, the arrest has no connection with the case, Bibis.

“The law should take its course”

Riswi was arrested by the police in front of a Saturday in Islamabad, the planned rally in “protective custody” and in a “guest house” had been brought, said Tschaudhri. It was a measure to “safeguard the public’s life, property and order.”

The arrest had nothing to do with the process against Bibi, – assured the Minister. “The law should take its course and it cannot be Individual,” he added.

The case of the Christian woman, Bibi had international caused quite a stir. She was sentenced eight years ago because of alleged blasphemy in Pakistan is death, and sat since then in custody. Although the Supreme court of the country lifted up the end of October, the death sentence and acquitted them of all charges, but they could not leave due to massive protests by Islamists in their home. According to their lawyer, they would leave the country to Germany.