In an interview granted to several newspapers of the regional press published on Friday evening, Emmanuel Macron set two new milestones for his five-year term: on the one hand ecology, purchasing power and institutions and on the other hand the reform of retreats. The Head of State first put forward the idea of ​​a meeting of a “National Council for Refoundation” with “political, economic, social and associative forces” as well as citizens drawn by lot, to “achieve” five objectives which will notably affect purchasing power and ecology.

“I carried five objectives during the campaign: independence (industrial, military, food…), full employment, carbon neutrality, public services for equal opportunities and democratic renaissance with institutional reform. To achieve them, I want to bring together a National Council for Refoundation, with the political, economic, social, associative forces, elected representatives of the territories and citizens drawn by lot, “says the President of the Republic in an interview with several regional dailies broadcast Friday night. “This advice, which I will launch myself, will be launched immediately after the legislative elections” of June 12 and 19.

The President of the Republic also wishes that Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and her government “can bring life” to this National Council for Refoundation, a nod to the National Council of Resistance (CNR) which coordinated the various Resistance movements. French interior during World War II.

He justifies this reference to the CNR by the fact that “we live in a comparable time”. “We are in a historic era which requires a profound change of model and then the war is here”, in Ukraine. The president specifies that there will be “a first sequence of several days, then regular meetings” and that the first will relate to purchasing power, the number one concern of the French. “We are going to provide answers to civil servants with the index point, to retirees… As of this summer, the purchasing power law and a simplification and emergency text for energy projects will be voted on”, specifies- he.

Expected during his first five-year term, Emmanuel Macron also returned to one of his biggest projects, pension reform. “As for the work on the pension reform, which is essential to the financing of our transformations, it will begin after this Council and the reform will come into force from the summer of 2023”, declared the Head of State.

On the food voucher, he explains that the device “must be simple” so that this check is “paid in one go” and that “then we will have to go to more targeted devices such as on gasoline with a device for big rollers this fall”. In this regard, the 18-cent fuel discount will be extended in August, he confirmed. “There must be visibility for our compatriots. I give it to you. »

On school and health, it provides that “our objectives and means will be defined” within this Council before “discussions” from September, “on the ground, in the 1,200 living areas, with which will be associated all stakeholders”.

On a completely different note, Emmanuel Macron said he was “outraged” by “what we saw” at the Stade de France during the Champions League final on Saturday. Scenes of clashes punctuated the meeting between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

“I was, like all of us, outraged by the disorder in all its forms and by what we saw. I have a thought for the families who have been jostled, who have not been able to access the places they had paid for. That’s why I want us to be able to compensate them as soon as possible,” he said in this interview with the regional press, repeating that he had “asked the government to determine the responsibilities and explain them in the smallest details to our compatriots, to the British and to the Spaniards”.

The day before, the head of state had repeated his full confidence in his interior minister Gérald Darmanin. Emmanuel Macron had also reiterated his support for the Paris police chief, Didier Lallement.