This went faster than expected: On Wednesday, scientists revealed the first image of a Black hole, on Thursday it was already in the wallets of local Netflix customers. Because the streaming service has increased again in Germany its prices, although this is anything other than justified.

Briefly the facts: The middle one of the three subscription levels, the prices of 10,99 at 11.99 Euro per month, for the premium variant, even 15,99 Euro instead of 13,99 now due. Only the cheapest subscription you can get more for 7,99 Euro per month – this is in terms of functionality but so untimely that you can recommend it, anyway.

Two euros more a month, and I’m not even a Coffee to Go. Such an amount can I get over, basically, since the Netflix Account is shared with family members. But, while I shoulder took the last increases, more twitching, pushes me, the recent price increase pissed.

Some Hits, a lot of trivial

launched As Netflix in the autumn of 2014 in Germany, the cost of the Premium Rate to 11.99 euros per month. With the increase to 15,99 euros, the group now requires a third more than at that time. Clearly, the group also produces a lot more of our own movies, series and documentaries in the early days – all the other services do but also.

And only a fraction of the original productions is a Hit, the majority of bobs up and down in a sea of irrelevant. Who, for example, has more than a few episodes of “The Rain”, “Easy”, “Flaked” or “Haters Back Off”? Even the long-awaited series “Disenchantment” of the Simpsons genius Matt Groening was forgotten after only a weekend. And about $ 200 million Flops like “Marco Polo” not it is better to speak in the first place. The time, as the group set standards such as on an Assembly line, is over.

series: These series have the German last year looked Fullscreen

1: The Walking Dead

The clear winners are the walking dead. Now in its ninth season has arrived, crawled the Zombies slowly but surely to the top. A more important reason: The series is equal to in the case of multiple providers.

©Jackson Lee Davis/AMC More money for less

Away from the so-called “Netflix original” is reduced, the power supply even continuously. To the a functions are deleted. iPhone users can transfer since last week about movies and TV shows via Airplay to your TV. On the other, more and more classics to be taken out of the program. In the case of expensive shows such as “Friends”, it would be only a matter of time until they are sorted out. On Disney movies, the cartoon-classics as well as films from the “Star Wars” and Marvel universe, it is necessary to refuse in the near future.

A glance at the figures shows that The former strength is the Problem. The production of own content is getting more and more expensive, the now fully inflated offer devours billions of dollars per year. The group burns the money, although he has in the world is 139 million paying customers. Forever this can’t go on like this.

In the course of the year, both Disney as well as Apple have their own Streaming offers start. At the latest when this muscle heavy weights, you should Netflix a rethink of its production policy, instead of turning always to the price screw. More class and less mass – the worked at the beginning quite well.

the New Streaming service From Drama to Comedy, the new series of Apple

Apple gets into the streaming business. One billion US dollars of the group in the new series and formats is inserted, the see from autumn to Apple TV+. This is about the new productions are already known.