Online the G20 summit decided what to do with the coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit for the first time in the history of the past in an online format, proposed to create a common action plan to stabilize the situation and restore the economy.

According to Putin, in this complex situation it is impossible to act according to the principle of “every man for himself”. The Russian President considers it necessary in the fight against the pandemic is mers the establishment of a special Fund, provision of “green corridors” without wars and sanctions, as well as a moratorium on commodities.

Coronavirus online: Watch the spread of the coronavirus in Russia and the world

Key risk Putin called “long-term unemployment, the peak of which in any scenario will exceed the level of 2009”.

twenty Great Leaders after two hours of communication adopted a communiqué in which, in particular, refers to the allocation of 5 trillion dollars to combat the coronavirus, the development of an action plan to overcome the consequences of coronavirus, the extension of the powers of who and the assistance to developing countries from who, IMF and the world Bank.

Earlier it was reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to the quarantine of communication with the infected doctor.

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Rospotrebnadzor infected with the coronavirus was 48.5 thousand more.

the Head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine called people older than 65 dead bodies

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