Online manual for participants in the renovation program the most popular in the VAO

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

residents of the Eastern administrative district of the capital most Muscovites use the instruction “Move under the program of renovation”, which became available on the portal at the end of last year, reports the press service of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow.

According to the head of Department Sergey Levkin, today the online service used by more than 46 thousand citizens, the number of unique visits exceeded 11 thousand.

“Most of the services visited by residents of the Eastern administrative district – 1 910 thousand or 17.3%. This is not surprising, because at this point in VAO there is no “starter” sites – 79″ – are words in the message Levkin.

He said that with a small gap from each other in the lead zyuzino (South-West), Kuzminki (southeastern administrative area) and Perovo (HLW).

lyovkin recalled that online instruction allows you to specify certain parameters. Thus, the user receives step-by-step actions, describing your life situation. For example, the user can mark that owns the property or owns it the rights of social hiring.

“57% of those who used the instruction, expressed the desire to acquire a bigger flat,” said he.

Also Levkin said that the online manual covers all stages of the move from receiving the letter with the offer of a new apartment before the registration at the new place of residence.

Ask a question on the portal in the section “Moving the renovation programme”, the authorization is not needed for this. To date, the service is available 24 solo scenarios that include online instruction, services and sites necessary organizations.

the renovation Programme is the most ambitious infrastructure project in the history of the capital. The government approved it on 1 August 2017. The project will provide a new comfortable housing more than one million Muscovites. Now PereaZDY are in seven districts: East, northeast, Northwest, southwest, South, North, Southeast.

In March 2019 Sergei Sobyanin announced the beginning of a critical period in the renovation programme. According to the mayor, the future of the program depends on decisions taken now. The government will have to identify key parameters, including timeframe, phases of implementation of the program, number of storeys, social and transport infrastructure.

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