woman Nocun, Mark Zuckerberg emphasized currently, at every opportunity, how important privacy is. A serious change of mind or nothing more than empty words?

to think That someone like Mark Zuckerberg is trying to sell to the outside, a 180-degree turn, is really interesting. He says privacy is important for the development of one’s personality. However, he has not to change its basic business model is to collect less data.

After all, the Messenger should be safe.

First of all, it is questionable how well Facebook implements the encryption. But you can’t read discussions at all, to find out what it’s about. Alone the fact, with whom I often write says a lot about what kind of relationship I have to anyone. I am writing to someone at three a message, the probability is high that you have a strong attachment to the Person.

you speak of the so-called meta-data.

Depending on how the settings are chosen in the Apps, you can site also-capture data. On the basis of which you can keep track of who has visited and where. It can even detect, whether, and with whom someone is having an affair. The meta data are part of traitor than the data itself.

you can See here in

finally, Google also spoke frequently of privacy. In Munich, we have now opened even a 100-strong privacy center.

If it were my Google with the privacy seriously, would the group be open to what he stores all about the individual user. Because Google generates its data not only from services such as Gmail, the Play Store or Youtube, but also from the websites where the banners are installed. Both Facebook and Google are reluctant, however, a complete information out the back, even though you claim it has, on the Basis of the DSGVO right.

This is illegal.

If the various EU – and member of the German Bundestag would like to see what have saved this company, everything about you as a Person, we would need to perform many privacy debates at all. Then quickly basic prohibitions would come.

even now there is a scandal after the next. Why does so little?

In the last year has changed attitudes to privacy already. This was triggered primarily by the debate around Cambridge Analytica was. At the latest since it was not clear that it is in the case of personalized advertising, and the underlying data collections is to sell shoes, but also to political manipulation on a whole different level.

you Mean, the companies were surprised by it self?

When Facebook, in all Seriousness, standing and claimed that they had been shocked because of Cambridge Analytica, then this is absolutely unbelievable. You know that the group knew much earlier decision. But it was done neither publicly, nor is it informed by the users. In the case of Facebook, a mentality of cover-up prevails. I hope that by the DSGVO and the consequent penalties, the incentives are higher to put such incidents in the future.

In Facebook, you no longer have confidence. How do you see Apple in terms of privacy?

Apple has a business model that is not based on personalised advertising, but on the sale of devices. Accordingly, the company’s data privacy is now one of the main selling points – and I think that’s credible. I think that the response from Google is due, above all, the fear of competition. The suddenly see that there’s a big competitor, adorned with privacy, and that the received by the users well.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s Software chief: “We have no interest in discovering everything about them” By Christoph Fröhlich

Apple earned his money mainly with the iPhone. In the future, the revenue to be generated but also with games, subscriptions, music and TV shows-Streaming and Online storage. For the group this is a fundamental change.

Just in the area of Online Streaming is privacy is extremely important. Anyway, I’m very glad that today, no one can see what Trash TV I’ve looked at as a Teenager after school. For the young people of today this is no longer true, unfortunately. Once, when I queried Netflix my user data, I was able to see when I wound in what movie or the Stop button got pressed.

What is so bad about a Streaming service knows when I pause a movie?

If someone is watching at three on the cheesy end of a romantic love movie, repeatedly, says something about the mental state. There are people that skip violent scenes, while others look at these several times. The Same is true for Sex scenes. These data allow for a very intimate insight into the Psyche of people.

The supplier can recognize on the basis of such data, but also, which actor was appreciated by the audience, or whether the second season of a series of more or less violence-should have scenes.

That’s true, but also meet anonymised data. You have to make a profile of me as a Person. I think nobody would turn such a recording is active, if you had a choice. That would be every to private. Therefore, privacy should be the default settings for the anchored, because 90 percent of users change this never.

Bothers you actually, the basic collection of data or their evaluation?

In some areas, I would wish me that, in principle, never data collected. On pages that deal with sensitive topics such as diseases, sexuality or religion, should be allowed advertising a personalized Tracking. In addition, you can be never sure that the data collected will be used only for the intended purpose, and stay where they should. I don’t want to imagine what happens if Google or Facebook have a really large data leak. Therefore the principle of data minimization is the best Option.

However, without data it is not today.

anonymity is the keyword when it comes to the Balance of privacy and greater user comfort. Often you have to make any concessions to the privacy, to have a just as good service. I recommend about every, time other search engines such as DuckDuckGo or Startpage a try. In some cases, even better results than Google.

To some services to get around in everyday life, but barely.

In this society you can’t go to certain companies out of the way. If a Video is available on Youtube, I, as a user, not a real choice. You can only choose, view the Video or not. This is also a reason why we need a General regulation for all companies.

The General data protection regulation (DSGVO) there for about a year now. Brought you something?

The reaction of companies to data and information has become better. And since the DSGVO is clear that companies can’t ignore the request just, and consequences to feel. However, the DSGVO creates in most areas, only better rules for dealing with the data. The real Problem – the Collect – will not be solved.

In the next five years …

… there will be some data scandals in the order of Cambridge Analytica. The will still trigger once a new social debates. And I think that we will have more regulation in the area of data protection. Because of the market situation, in which we have only a few large players, it will only get worse. In the end it will depend on the court decisions: you have to show that companies need to adhere to the new regulations of the DSGVO, since it is otherwise extremely expensive. Only this will lead to a rethink in the departments.

you can read here: “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone,” says Apple. Only: How is this possible? The star visited the annular Central and was able to throw the first German media a glimpse of two strictly shielded laboratories.

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Interview: Christoph Fröhlich