Event with international influence, the next Olympic Games could well become the showcase of “made in France”. And why not the opportunity to promote French and fair trade products? “In 2024, we will invite the world to our table! Along with sport, food is another issue that will bring us together. We want the Games to be an opportunity to learn about a more responsible diet while enjoying the quality of French cuisine, “announced enthusiastically the president of the 2024 Olympics, Tony Estanguet, at Parisien, Wednesday, May 18. With the ambition of presenting the 15,000 athletes and their teams with tasty dishes, the Organizing Committee of the Paris Games asked the opinion of nutritionists, NGOs, labels and even a panel of 200 athletes.

Good for body and soul! Unanimously, the more vegetal food and from French sectors was acclaimed by the respondents. Thus, the organization has made an inventory of the products available around the Olympic Village and future competition sites. The focus will be on the local. Consequently, the culinary proposals will not be the same depending on the location of the events. Seafood products will be showcased in Marseille, Nice and even French Polynesia, while Brie de Meaux will be one of the specialties honored in Île-de-France.

“Commitments regarding certification have been made. Paris 2024 is thus aiming for 80% local supply (with 25% within 250 km of the sites). The remaining 20% ​​are imported products, which meet specific needs or which do not exist in France, such as cocoa, coffee or sticky rice…” reveals Amadea Kostrzewa, climate and environment manager at the organizing committee. .

Other objectives: 30% organic products, 100% French and sustainable meat, 100% responsible fishing, but also 100% French dairy products. Finally, Paris 2024 claims to make food waste one of its main fights, by concocting recipes allowing the reuse of uneaten products, by imposing individual portions and by promising to donate unused food to associations. Green Olympics!