There were a lot of UPS and downs in the long history of Nintendo. Once you ruled the video game market, then you disappeared again, almost into irrelevance. Between 2012 and 2016, the situation looked even worse than usual. Nintendo’s Wii U console was in contrast to her hugely successful predecessor, a gigantic Flop, saw against Playstation and Xbox a trick. And instead of buying the Nintendo 3DS, zockten most of the people on the phone. The share price slumped, Nintendo’s value was one-seventh of the stock market highs of 2008. Then, the group did what he always does – he turned the Situation with a completely unexpected turn.

Today, Nintendo as well as for almost ten years. The current console Nintendo Switch was sold in the nine months since the Release more often than the Wii U in five years, the 3DS is growing again. And even on Smartphones, the Japanese earn money. To create the had to invent Nintendo brand new, old weaknesses leaving – and on old Strengths.

Test New game console, Why me, the Nintendo Switch enthusiastic – and I’m not buying you me By Malte Mansholt keep Everything new

The most important strength is the undying passion for Innovation. While Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox in a new edition of all about performance, and better graphics, invents Nintendo its consoles. The tactic had worked for the Wii, than through the intuitive motion control of self-grandmothers got a console. The Wii U could not convince me with your screen in the controller but not nearly to the same extent. However, Nintendo was not to be swayed and thought the mix of mobile and stationary console with the Switch consistently to the end. Much to the delight of the players.

prior to the Start of the Switch to Nintendo was elsewhere on his shadow jumped. Until 2016, the group released games for its popular heroes, such as Super Mario on their consoles. While mobile games shifted more and more on the Smartphone, expected Nintendo players around and dragged a second device. Then Pokémon Go came. Out of nowhere, the Nintendo had created a subsidiary of “The Pokémon Company” one of the biggest gaming Hits of the year.

The Hype was unbelievable. As a Mario game for iPhone and co. came was Nintendo arrived again in the hearts of the players. Also, if the Hype is long since decayed, and took on Nintendo in the last quarter, still a whopping 200 million with the Smartphone business. The just-announced “Mario Kart”titles for Smartphones is likely to provide once again for a nice boost.

Splatoon 2, Kirby, Pikmin, More games, new Hardware: supply for Nintendo Fans Of Christoph Fröhlich Finally games

elsewhere, the group learned. The Wii had the Problem, that this is a new game from other manufacturers was also released for the Nintendo console. The Main was Mario, Zelda, and other in-house productions. This ensured that for many Fans, whether of the offer a sobering experience – and you bought the sequel never. The initially existing Support of other game developers, the Wii U didn’t help and was soon discontinued because no one had the console.

In the case of the Switch, Nintendo took a full on hit game. Although there was at the Start only a few Games, good enough for the gigantic Hit, “legend of Zelda: the Breath of the Wild” for a good Start. At least an equally important factor, however, should be that with “Mario Odyssey”, “Splatoon 2”, “Mario Kart” or “Skyrim” very attractive title for the sequel were announced months.

Test “Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle” crazy rabbit, thick guns: So you have “Super Mario” played By Malte Mans Mario brings can not make it alone

Just the latter game shows a further lesson to learn from the group: Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong not selling the console alone. Like never before, Nintendo relies therefore on the cooperation with Third-party developers. Ubisoft was the first ever permit, a Mario-game, with complete success. The mad “Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle” (here in the Test) captured the hearts of Fans in the storm and may not be the last such Experiment.

the third-party even get through the Switch an exciting way to earn money. The customer decided to purchase a new title which often used to be for Xbox or Playstation, because of the better graphics offered, the Switch is now different: As the only powerful console, makes all the games on-the-go gambling. This ensures that even hung up some older titles such as “L. A. Noire” or “Dark Souls” again – and the Fans buy them a second Time.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the Test of Hard times for men friendships By Christoph Fröhlich Nintendo makes more

It runs so well with Nintendo. Don’t want to rest of the group but probably. The group plans an amusement Park, is working on a new Film with Hero Mario. With Nintendo Labo, the group intends to offer soon to be kits made of cardboard, with which the Switch to the fishing rod, can be rebuilt to a car or a cardboard house. How the customers accept this, you must show up. The enthusiasm is big, gigantic sums of money, you will not take this well but. Nevertheless, it shows how Nintendo is reinventing itself again and again – and not only when the lack of success enforces it.

New accessories for the Switch to Nintendo’s new product is completely made of cardboard – and that’s great

Nintendo has proven time and again that it is one of the most creative companies in the video game industry. For the Switch, small craft Kits made of cardboard for the Switch to come up with Labo. Whether it will sell, it will show.

By Christoph Fröhlich