The judge in chambers of the court of Créteil ordered the PS to organize within thirty days a national convention relating to the agreement of the new alliance of the left (Nupes), and prohibited it in this expectation from “taking advantage of the Nupes agreement”, according to the decision of which AFP had a copy.

“It is a decision which does not call into question the agreement” and does not change anything on the campaign”, assured AFP on Wednesday the number 2 of the PS, Corinne Narassiguin, after consultation with the lawyers of the PS.

According to the judgment delivered at the end of the day on Tuesday, the agreement of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), concluded on May 6 with LFI, EELV and the PCF, was duly adopted by the National Council of the party but “would have had to be the subject of a national convention”, explained Corinne Narassiguin, specifying that the PS had appealed this decision.

According to the interim order, it is “injunction to the PS to convene a national convention within one month, under penalty of 500 euros per day of delay, over a period of 60 days, and pending this prohibit the Socialist Party from taking advantage of the Nupes agreement”.

The applicants had requested this ban on taking advantage of the Nupes to prevent recognition of dissidents to this agreement.

But “justice did not invalidate the nominations of the PS, nor the support of the PS to the candidates of the other parties of the Nupes”, decided in the national office, and “did not invalidate the agreement”, insists Corinne Narassiguin.

She specifies that organizing a national convention supposes that it takes place “inevitably after the legislative elections, because it is impossible to organize such a convention more quickly”, taking into account the time necessary to vote beforehand in the sections, then the federations, to designate the delegates of the national convention.

And while the plaintiffs, four activists who are not candidates for the legislative elections and who have no responsibilities in the PS bodies, demanded a vote to validate the agreement, “nothing in the judgment obliges us to organize a national convention with a vote “, she added.

Ms. Narassiguin believes that these are “political maneuvers”, intended to “fuel the division of the left”, and “which favor Emmanuel Macron and those who prepare the next congress of the PS” with the aim of overthrowing the current leadership. .

“The political agreement that unites LFI, EELV, the PCF and the PS is more alive than ever,” she wrote in an internal message to the PS, of which AFP had a copy.

For Patrick Menucci, member of the minority tendency of the PS, opposed to the Nupes agreement, “the court decision proves that the PS signed an agreement when it had no right to do so”, according to the statuses.

“Socialist militants would not have voted for Nupes a month ago if they had been consulted” within the framework of a national convention, he told AFP. But for the campaign, “nobody is going to tell candidates to remove the Nupes label from your posters. It’s absurd and too late”.

For the PS federation of Hérault, which is one of the federations opposed to the agreement, “the logo of the socialist party which is put on the Nupes bulletins is not recognized by our local force and by justice. Its presence involves confusion for voters”.

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