Reply to the sling of yellow vests while fixing the cap energy in the coming decade. After ten days of mobilization of the “yellow vests”, Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity of the presentation of the multi-annual Programming of energy (EPP) to make some announcements aimed at calming down the social unrest. Concrete answers, “adapted to the territories”, will also be made in the three months to the end of a “great dialogue of land on the ecological and social transition”, said the head of State. Here’s what we need to remember his speech.

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• Launch a national debate in the territories on the ecological transition

In the three months, the president wishes that the associations and politicians to be able to “develop a method of construction to bring concrete solutions”. “I want a national debate registered in the territories. I want a support strategy throughout our territories and on the social networks to make proposals,” emphasised Emmanuel Macron, who is said to deny “that the ecological transition emphasizes the inequality between the territories”. “I also hope that the representatives of the “yellow vests” can also “propose solutions”.

• A mechanism to adapt the taxes to the oil price fluctuations

This is the answer to the grumbling of the “yellow vests” against the rising fuel prices. Emmanuel Macron wants to adapt the increase of taxes to the evolution of world oil prices. The goal: to limit the impact of the taxation of fuel and the fluctuation of the price for the French who use a lot their car. “We also need to be together, build a method to make us immune to such phenomena. And therefore adapt to any new increase of the fuel tax to the evolution of international oil markets, so that if the boom were to happen again, we are not put in the same situation,” he mentioned in his speech. “We need to build a method to make it more intelligent this tax and have a quarterly appointment, to mitigate the effects for our citizens.”. An implementation more concrete than it seems at first, since the prime minister’s office and ministries concerned will be responsible for the folder, a-t-on learned in the entourage of Edouard Philippe. This idea of a modulation of the taxes had been defended by the president of the MoDem François Bayrou. But the prime minister had previously ruled out the idea. This device will be discussed at the second reading in mid-December, the draft finance law for 2019, ” said Elysée.

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• The share of nuclear down to 50% in 2035

“I have not been elected on a platform to phase out nuclear energy, but on a reduction of nuclear power in the energy mix”, said Emmanuel Macron. “I would have liked to do that as soon as 2025. We are maintaining the cap of 50% but are pushing the due date to 2035”. For this, 14 reactors of 900 megawatts will be stopped in 2035, of which two of Fessenheim which will be completed in the summer of 2020. Two reactors could be shut down during the next five years, 2025-2026, if security of supply is ensured, and if our european neighbours are accelerating their energy transition, specified by the head of the State. Two reactors will be stopped in 2027-2028, he added, and four to six reactors will be closed before 2030, according to the evolution of electricity markets and electrical systems of our neighbours. “I fixed from the outset EDF a rule: no full closure of the sites. To reduce the share of nuclear power, this is not to renounce the nuclear program” he added.

• Develop renewable energy sources

“We need to transform our electricity production”, said Emmanuel Macron. To do this, he spoke of “electricity mix”, which will be based “on the development of renewable energy more competitive. The park of wind power will have to be tripled, and solar pv will be multiplied by five” by 2030. “Offshore wind will also be developed,” said the president. He also wants to strengthen the hydraulic energy. This support for renewable energies will reach between 7 billion and 8 billion euros by the end of the multi-annual programming of energy (EPP), which ends in 2028, according to the Elysée. This represents a total of 71 billion euros of support for renewable energies (electric, biogas, renewable heat) 2019-2028. A “rise to power inevitable”, according to Emmanuel Macron.

• The State could go up in the capital of EDF

The head of State also hopes that the leadership of EDF to reflect the evolutions of the group, which will maintain its integrity, and does not rule out the hypothesis of a strengthening of the participation of the State in the energy French, according to evidence submitted Tuesday, to Reuters by the Elysée. Today, EDF is held to 83.7% by the State. The company will submit its proposals within the framework of the strategic plan that was developed after the presentation of the multi-annual programming of energy (EPP) and the State will open a reflection on the strengthening of its participation in the capital of the company in connection with the issues and risks specific to the nuclear business.

• A european strategy of electric vehicle batteries

The head of State has asked EDF to strengthen its research in the nuclear field, but also in the sector of “renewable and in the storage of energy”, stresses the president. “There must be more independence in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. It should be a strategy of the franco-German, at least, and at best, a european strategy”, which defends the president.

• Closure of all coal power plants by 2022

The head of State has also indicated that “all coal plants will be shut down by 2022”. “We must reduce our energy consumption and do so in a concerted manner, by providing the public investment and providing solutions that are adapted and coordinated,” he said.

• Better insulate buildings

“We need to encourage better insulation on old buildings, shops, homes,…” the president said. He recalled that “9 billion euros” have been allocated in the framework of the plan investment, but the results are too shy, “we need to accelerate”. In addition, he recalled the objective of “to renew all of the boilers at the fuel oil within 10 years”.

• Creation of a High-Cocouncil for the climate

This new structure, composed of experts, will be responsible to ensure the maintenance of the cape’s ecological policy. “I wanted to establish the High council for the climate, to restore the facts. One cannot confront opinions on false information and untruths,” said Emmanuel Macron.

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