Now without Taymazov: the video appeared on YouTube of the head

YouTube bloggers have the opportunity to create navigation through chapters. Breaking the video into meaningful units, the authors will allow the audience to see fragments of interest, without trying to guess it by manually rewinding the timeline.

Previously, in order to Orient the user, bloggers had to write in the description timecodes – timestamps. However, the new system of bookmarks is much easier: a small tear on the scroll bar, you can quickly see where it ends one Chapter and begins the next. And hovering the cursor or finger to the scale, you can learn what the playable cut. Here’s how it looks:

In turn, the creators will have to pre-make a layout, choose a title and description for each excerpt. Later, the algorithms of YouTube, you might learn to do this automatically.

in addition, the video heads must be wagered at least three markers, and each piece should last at least 10 seconds, says The Verge. A new feature will be available starting this week in mobile apps and the web version of YouTube.

Text: To.Hi-tech