In a pre-release version of Apple Software is a note on the presentation of new iPhones on 10. September has been discovered.

In the latest Beta Version of the iPhone operating system iOS 13 for developers, the Brazilian Website iHelp BR Screenshots found with this date on the icon of the calendar App.

These image files with the title of “HoldForRelease” will be displayed in the establishment of new iPhones. One year ago, the date of 12 stand at this point. September – the day of the Apple event at which the models iPhone XS and XR were introduced.

10. September would fit in to Apple’s rhythm, the new generations of the iPhone were presented on the second Tuesday or Wednesday in September. According to previous Reports, the new iPhones are supposed to get, among other things, an improved camera with a further lens. The iPhone is by far the most important Apple product, and was, most recently, to a fall in sales, nearly half of the group’s business. Apple is trying to solve with the Expansion of the Service business from the dependence from iPhone sales.

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